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Can’t Make a Mistake Featuring Arnold Kauffman


Sing along with Arnold’s Way owner Arnold Kauffman in Can’t Make a Mistake, a raw vegan music album focusing on a love of fruits and vegetables. These 11 songs, packaged with cover scans and a coloring book, appeal to young and old to enjoy nature’s rainbow of plant-based foods.


Can’t Make a Mistake with Arnold Kauffman is a Raw Vegan Music Celebration

Can’t Make a Mistake is a digital album featuring lyrics and vocals by Arnold Kauffman, owner of the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw food café Arnold’s Way, and music by Morgan Tindall with help from the former Philadelphia band Townhall.

Can’t Make a Mistake is a breezy, big-hearted summertime record whose message to enjoy fruits and vegetables appeals to young and old alike! Children especially enjoy the music and colorful, zany lyrics.


Lyrics from “Rock and Roll”

“I yell. I scream. Send me the watermelon blues right now! Red and juicy—full of juicy bites. How long do I have to wait for this mid-summer delight? … My mouth is always watering, thinking about mouthfuls of fruity fruit of watermelon delight.”

Legend has it that Arnold Kauffman tapped into his divine connection with source and penned the lyrics for these songs the morning of the recording sessions. The result is a fresh, inspired, off-the-cuff delivery from the bottom of his heart.

Raw Vegan Music Album Can’t Make a Mistake is a Celebration of Fruits

Can’t Make a Mistake encompasses a zipped file containing 11 songs in mp3 format (encoded at 256 kbps), scans of the front and back CD covers plus a 12-page coloring book in pdf format. Print and color it in to receive a free world-famous Banana Whip at Arnold’s Way, if you ever get around the southeastern part of Pennsylvania.

Stream “Rock and Roll”

Enjoy Can’t Make a Mistake Videos

View a couple of music videos for Can’t Make a Mistake tunes: “True Love Comes With the First Bite,” produced by Harley Johnstone, or “Durianrider,” of, and “Coconut and Banana,” with Arnold lip-syncing in a video shot by Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter.

“True Love Comes With the First Bite”

“Coconut and Banana”


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