Seven-Point-Seven by Arnold Kauffman


Seven-Point-Seven, featuring detailed illustrations, by Arnold Kauffman explores the seven stages of disease and seven steps to energetic health and serves up raw food diet basics.

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Seven-Point-Seven by Arnold Kauffman Zooms in on the Seven Stages of Disease and Seven Steps to Energetic Health

Seven-Point-Seven by Arnold Kauffman explores the seven stages of disease and seven steps to energetic health. The owner of the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw food café Arnold’s Way explains the body’s reaction to the accumulation of toxic material as well as body’s continuous goals of purification and homeostasis.

Seven-Point-Seven Offers a Plan of Action to Regain and Enjoy Health

Seven-Point-Seven highlights that, if we violate our bodies’ requirements, there’s a price to be paid. In each of the Seven Stages of Disease, your body will communicate with love and in its own special language that you have an accumulation of toxic material. Seven-Point-Seven, boasting stunning illustrations by Michael Pifer, gives you a plan of action on what to do so you can enhance your health and enjoy life.

Seven-Point-Seven also features a brief guide on transitioning to a raw food diet, a food-combining guide, Arnold Kauffman’s favorite raw food recipes and a list of recommended books to read for more outstanding health information.

47 pages. Available in ebook and print formats. Illustrations by Michael Pifer. Cover design and editing by Anna Chmielewska. Additional editing by Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter.

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