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Fruit-Powered Magazine: January 2016

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Hello, readers! I hope 2016 is the year of years for you thus far in your life! I am enthused about all that’s unfolding already, making this destined to be a landmark year in my life! I’m pursuing educational opportunities, realizing a couple of months ago that it’s no accident I’ve discovered some of the greatest approaches to health and struck friendships with world leaders in their fields. I have joined Egoscue University to become a certified exercise therapist so I can help guide others in learning the Egoscue Method to prevent and reverse physical pain as well as get into the best shape of their lives.

In April, I’ll join Dr. Barry Gillespie for his three-day training session on craniosacral fascial therapy. I intend to practice CFT as well, joining this new mentor in his work to help newborns, children and adults have the best opportunity for health and happiness in ways beyond what a raw food diet can do! I’ll also earn my dual certification from the University of Natural Health, becoming a natural health and holistic nutrition practitioner. Have big plans of your own this year? Share in the comments section! 🙂

On January 1, I celebrated my fifth anniversary of going raw vegan! How sweet it is, leading a fruit-based diet! If you’re reading this column and going raw is your New Year’s resolution, stick with it until this lifestyle becomes the new you! Hold on tight for this ride because you will change and grow on this incredible journey, and if you get inspired and informed as well as practice patience and persistence, you’re going to be successful! Do it for yourself and loved ones. Do it for all the world’s living beings. Do it for the environment. If you need a helping hand to make sense of what and how much to eat and when as well as other topics, check out my coaching plans.

2016 with a person as the "1"

I want to round up some recent news in case you missed it. First, the obesity rate in the United States climbed to 38 percent in 2013–14 compared with 35 percent in 2011–12. Second, the United Nations Climate Change Conference missed the boat when it came to identifying factory farming and fishing as the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Clearly, so much information about the benefits of a fruit-based raw as well as vegan diet in general is available, but more efforts must be made to influences the masses and those with voting power.

Read my story on the business side of operating raw food cafĂŠs in the final Vibrance issue.

Dr. David Klein reported yesterday that the final Vibrance issue will be launched next week. My friend Dave deserves a five-minute standing ovation for producing this first-rate magazine, which served as a way to enlighten and connect raw fooders at a time when the Internet was in its infancy. The magazine started out as Living Nutrition, a print publication, in 1996, and Dave change its name to Vibrance and switched it to a digital publication in spring 2008.

When I got going on a raw food diet, Vibrance turned out to be quite the resource for me. One helpful article delivered the final push for me to go wholly raw! Vibrance also inspired me to launch Fruit-Powered Magazine! Simply put, there might not have ever been the Magazine without Vibrance. I’m grateful for Dave’s work, which has kept alive the spirit of classic Natural Hygienists Drs. T.C. Fry and Herbert M. Shelton, and for his being a wonderful mentor and friend. Congratulations, Dave! 🙂

Jeff Sekerak doing Hindu push-upsJeff Sederak went raw vegan a decade ago after a vegan diet alone combined with poor lifestyle choices led to diminished health. Now 49, this strongman is in wondrous shape and bears a commitment to fitness anyone would marvel at! Jeff’s is the 94th transformation story to be published in Fruit-Powered Magazine. He shares a recipe, Green Smoothie Supreme, with lifestyle tips coming next week.

In his Don Bennett Says …  guest spot, Don Bennett weighs in on all the talk about why raw food diets aren’t for us or don’t work. “There have developed far too many incorrect, erroneous, potentially harmful, and even ridiculous memes on the Internet regarding a raw food diet, and there needs to be some perspective, and some rational, unbiased, truth-telling,” he writes. Don tells it like it is in this captivating read!

This month, in weekly installments, look for:

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