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Recipe for Green Smoothie Supreme from Jeff Sekerak

Green Smoothie Supreme

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Jeff Sekerak shares his recipe for Green Smoothie Supreme, which he enjoys before a savory salad. “Drink Green Smoothie Supreme, made with bananas, apples and spinach,” he said. “Wait 30 minutes for that to bypass the stomach and enter the digestive tract. Now follow this up with a massive green salad. Use spinach, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and almonds, walnuts or avocado. You can also add raisins for a bit of sweetness. Dressing? Use small amount olive oil, sea salt and crushed pepper.”

Jeff is a former fast-food-eating mess turned raw-plant-eating fitness “machine.” Once, he was addicted to all manner of bad habits. He drank, smoked and did drugs. What’s more: He kept up these bad habits until well into his 30s. Luckily for him, he reached a point of no return wherein his health became so bad that he knew he had to change—and change he did!

Now, Jeff’s in the best shape of his life. He averages 800 push-ups a day and runs each morning. He eats nothing but plants—most of ’em raw. Perhaps most importantly: He’s eliminated his former bad habits once and for all. He’s a “machine,” all right, as evidenced by photographs, capturing him at age 49. “If you’re willing to wipe the slate clean and begin a brand new life, then you can, too!” Jeff said. “Build the body of your dreams.” Follow Jeff on his website and Twitter and explore his book Confessions of a Super-Fit Vegan.



  • Chop and blend the ingredients in desired amounts and enjoy!

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