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Timothy Radley poses wearing a sports coat

Timothy Radley: ‘I Feel 10 Years Younger’

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For most of his life, Timothy Radley, a.k.a. DJ Shamrock and a.k.a. Veganbadass, ate “whatever [he] wanted and never really cared about the possibilities of malnutrition,” he says. His weight rose from 135 pounds, which he maintained for 10 years, to 190 pounds in 2005. Tim gave up soda, which he had consumed every day, and lost about 15 pounds over two years.

Tim—who enjoys art, music, film, animals, BMX bikes, snowboarding, hiking, fitness, nutrition, acting, haunted houses and planet Earth—still consumed “crap” until 2007, when his then-girlfriend became sick. “Being that I cared for her so much, I wanted to be by her side every minute I could,” he says. “It was tough and frustrating at times, but I felt like a path was leading me in a direction to something important, and it did.”

“Paying close attention to the people around you—at work, at home, friends and family—can open your eyes,” Tim continues. “It was her condition that made me want to learn. This path took us to Arnold’s Way.”

Explore some of Tim’s passions on YouTube and SoundCloud.

Brian’s note: I began 10 sentences with targeted words, presented in boldface below, that serve as conversation starters and asked Tim to complete the thoughts in this condensed “interview.”

Growing up, I ate lots of candy and kids’ cereal. However, I was always attracted to carrots, grapes, apples and beets. I loved Mickey D’s but mainly because of the amazing playgrounds they had. Now that I’m grown up, I see just how diabolical it is. Lure the kids in with “Happy” Meals and playgrounds, and then poison them.

Timothy Radley lifts the back wheel of his BMX bicycle
BMX biking ranks high on Timothy Radley’s list of passions. Here, he’s photographed in San Francisco, California, during a recent extended trip.

I learned about a raw food diet because my ex-girlfriend [Megan Elizabeth] was sick, and she wanted to try out Arnold’s Way. She now has an amazing raw vegan book. In her Easy To Be Raw e-book or softcover, you can see some of my photography. 🙂 I recommend the softcover. It’s great to have it right there in your kitchen. I also enjoy Dr. Norman W. Walker’s books. He was writing raw vegan books 70 years ago! And, of course, Dr. Doug Graham’s The 80/10/10 Diet—it’s esoteric.

At Arnold’s Way, I’ve learned an incredible amount of nutrition knowledge. It’s like a college for vibrance. He has dozens of great books and DVD’s plus lectures and potlucks. It is a complete vortex of energy and love.

The way I feel—honestly, I feel 10 years younger. My health is better than it was 10 years ago. It seems crazy, but I can assure you that you absolutely can slow your aging down and maintain a much longer vigor.

Timothy Radley stands beside his BMX bicycle in San FranciscoBiking and being active have been very important. It’s fun, and you are getting exercise. It’s not a chore. In fact, after you incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your meals, you will have the urge to go out and be active. You burn fat and gain strength. It circulates the blood, and you can be active with others. Go for a bike ride or hike with your friends. It’s awesome.

Out of the things I’ve learned, I know that knowledge is neverending. I’ve learned something from everyone in this movement. One of the most fantastic things I’ve learned is that the Universe is truly connected. Without bees, the human race in in big trouble. Hugging someone lifts spirits. Sharing creates positive energy. Loving Mother Earth makes the world more beautiful. I see in a much different light with my body cleansed of toxic “foods” and unnecessary diversions.

My awareness gives me a stronger understanding of life. You can learn from others but also yourself. If you have questions, look them up. Read books and allow yourself to receive new information. If you think chemtrails are a myth, research them. It’s up to you. I see the connections clearer the more I learn. Right now, California is having a terrible drought. Well, guess what, 65 percent of California’s water is taken and used by giant corporations to raise beef. Do your homework.

My favorite fruits are:

  • Bananas. I cannot live without these bad boys. Cheap, delicious and packs a good calorie. Easy to tell when there are perfectly ripe.
  • Jackfruit. Amazing and huge. Sticky? Yes, but tastes like candy. Yum.
  • Black and red grapes. Supersweet and in bite-size pieces. Perfect pockets of water-filled flavor.
  • Mangos. Rainbow or Champagne. When ripe, these are creamy and have a great tropical flavor. High in Vitamin C, calcium and potassium. I never tire of them.

Timothy Radley poses outside with the sun in view

On a mostly raw food diet, my experience DJ’ing is that, for sure, my energy is high, my digestion is tops and positive levels are great. I love playing music for people and getting them to dance. Years of playing at bars and watching everyone drink beer is not my idea of fun. Spinning at The Woodstock Fruit Festival to a drug-free vegan crowd is a dream. I get to live that dream. 🙂

What I want is for people to wake up. I want my friends and family to be healthy and happy. I want to give back to the earth. And I want people to read Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States.

A sunset photographed by Timothy Radley
Tim photographed this sunset in September 2013.

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