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Timothy Radley spins records

DJ Shamrock to Serve up Tasty Tunes at Woodstock

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Timothy Radley, also known as DJ Shamrock, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, has rocked a 100 percent vegan and 80 percent raw food lifestyle since 2009. He is the official Woodstock Fruit Festival DJ. His wide array of dance music will be played through the festival, being held from August 16 to 31, 2014, in Diamond Point, New York.

Tim answers questions by Brian Rossiter in this interview.

Tim, you’re setting the tone for the Woodstock Fruit Festival dance parties. Describe your process for choosing tunes.
Dance music is very important to me, and I love to share it. One thing I do is feel the crowd out. Another is I play high-energy tracks that create a movement that people cannot resist. I also drop tracks that I know everyone loves but at the right time, which is very important. There are dozens of new styles of EDM, or electronic dance music, that have hit the scene in recent years. Lots of great stuff going on there.

Give attendees a taste of what they expect to hear coming from your monitors this year?
Indietronic is very hot, and ’80s still move the floor. Progressive house and trance are big winners along with Dubstep and Trap.

Bjork wearing paint on her face
Bjork smiles during a performance.

What are your biggest musical influences? Favorite artist? Favorite record?
The list goes on for days, but almost any DJ will tell you the true originators of EDM is Kraftwerk. I love a lot of the new groups, too: M83, Chvrches, Crystal Castles, ect., and my favorite DJ of all time is Jazzy Jeff, from right here in Philadelphia. One guy I never get tired of is Moby. All of his records are great, and he does almost everything himself. I also love The Dead Can Dance. Every one of their albums are amazing. Oh, and Bjork. I love her.

If ever your playlist isn’t getting the response you visualized, which tracks do you put on to fire up the crowd?
There are certain tracks that everybody loves and will react to. Again, it’s about paying attention to your dancers. I also make it a habit to talk to festival attendees during the day. “Hi. What’s your name and what kind of music do you like?” Some people are good at remembering names. I remember what song they mention, even if they are just passing by. 🙂 My favorite however is playing something new that they never heard before and yet they go crazy for it. A true DJ should expose new tracks!

Who’s the best dancer you’ve seen in all your years spinning at Woodstock?
Arnold Kauffman—the guru never stops. I do enjoy watching a few of the other pioneers dance, but I’m not saying names—LOL.

Timothy Radley poses with Arnold Kauffman at the January 18, 2014, potluck at Arnold's Way
Timothy Radley poses with Arnold Kauffman at the January 18, 2014, potluck at Arnold’s Way.

Timothy Radley poses wearing a sports coat
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Timothy Radley looks into the distance beside his BMX bicycle
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