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Timothy Radley looks into the distance beside his BMX bicycle

Timothy Radley’s Top 10 Tips for Men

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Timothy Radley, a.k.a. DJ Shamrock and a.k.a. Veganbadass, shares his Top 10 Tips for men. Tim—who enjoys art, music, film, animals, BMX bikes, snowboarding, hiking, fitness, nutrition, acting, haunted houses and planet Earth—consumed “crap” until 2007, when his then-girlfriend became sick. Their path led to the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw vegan café Arnold’s Way. Explore some of Tim’s passions on YouTube and SoundCloud.

1. Stop eating crap. Straight up. You know darn well it’s crap, so stop making excuses.

2. If you’re thirsty, water. Not a cold beer after work. I don’t care how tasty it is. It’s poison.

3. Cigarettes? Done—throw them directly into the garbage.

4. Disconnect your TV from cable and then read a book. Trust me on this one.

5. Exercise is fun. I’m sure there is at least one activity you like to do that does not seem like exercise at all.

Timothy Radley does a bike trick on his BMX

6. Eat fruits every day. They have sugar, calories and power from the sun in them. They will blow your mind.

7. If you make a mistake, don’t freak out about it. When you finally get it right, you will feel like a champ.

8. Hug your friends and family members. Guess what? There’s energy in them.

9. Look directly into you lovers’ eyes and tell them they are perfect. Magic will happen.

10. Have the best sex possible. Remember tip No. 5? Burn calories, release endorphins and gain strength and stamina.

Timothy Radley, a.k.a. Veganbadass, flexes his upper-body muscles

Timothy Radley poses wearing a sports coat

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Timothy Radley spins records

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