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Fruit-Powered Magazine: January 2017

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Refreshed Fruit-Powered Website; Posters for Animals; Guiding Others to Pain Relief; Peter Csere and Terra Frutis; Dr. David Klein on Food Choices and Digestion

Hello, readers! 2017—here we are! This is the year, I’m hoping, raw veganism steps into the spotlight in the same way veganism won mainstream news media attention last year! You know the raw vegan movement is making inroads when you see cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles “flying off the shelves,” as one produce manager described sales to me recently, at a Wegmans supermarket in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Fruit-Powered kicks off the new year with a new website theme in place! The nuts and bolts to this bold, dynamic new theme were put in place in the closing weeks of last year, and I’d like to thank my website developer and graphic designer Anna Chmielewska for her tireless work and attention to detail. She has constantly helped me elevate my game and get me to see different angles to the way I do things. Pull up a seat, click around, share links with family and friends—and tell me what you think! Some polish will be applied over the next several weeks. 🙂

On the second day of this winter, I awoke with many things to do but decided there was something that just came to me that was more important. This was creating six posters from the perspective of our fellow creatures, namely cows and pigs. The response I’ve received on my Instagram profile has been outstanding, and I want to share these with you here in this gallery.

View the Gallery of Posters

Click on each image to view full-size versions, which may be saved to your computer or tablet home screen.

I’m working with many more clients in my Posture Exercises Method. I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to see a client bring in his stance more than a whole foot from the start of our first session to the beginning of our second session. It gives me a tremendous thrill to provide guidance to help someone get out of chronic pain, especially when the pain’s been omnipresent for decades. If you’re in Greater Philadelphia, come to the New Year New You Festival at Arnold’s Way on Saturday, January 7, from 2 to 6 p.m. Check my new Events page for all the details—and keep an eye on this page for lots more events, including the Get Productive! event at The Raw Food Capital of the World, I’ll participate in. I’ll talk at 3 p.m. about how the Method can help you eliminate chronic pain by practicing menus of personalized stretches and gentle exercises designed to restore the position your body’s major joints and correct your posture. You’ll love living in a functional body, so make it happen for yourself in 2017 by booking your initial session with me!

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At this time of year, lots of folks are experimenting with or committing to going raw vegan. I was in your shoes six years ago, when I committed to being wholly raw all of January 2011. I made it but didn’t truly succeed on this diet for several more months and then pressed forward to get over the cooked-food hump for good in February 2012. I’m well-equipped to help position you for success and save you lots of time and money in the process. Explore my Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program.

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Peter Csere holds pineapples with emblazoned on the photoPeter Csere is someone who made the leap to a fruit-based lifestyle and is not only doing wonderful things for his health and himself but the whole raw vegan movement and the world! He’s joined forces with Jason Kvestad and Jay Kaiser to turn Terra Frutis in Ecuador into perhaps the world’s No. 1 fruit haven for fruit lovers. Visitors are learning about how to live in a self-sufficient community and enjoying, I’m sure, some of the tastiest, most satisfying fruit on the planet. I love every word Peter shared in his transformation interview—the 104th published in Fruit-Powered Magazine—and tips, which will be published January 19. Also, enjoy his recipe for Peter’s Mango Salad!

A woman rests a halved watermelon against her shoulderDr. David Klein writes about optimal food choices from selection to combination in his latest Lessons from the Orchard story, “What’s the Point of Eating If Some Food Rot Happens?” “You must like fine, beautiful things that always stay clean, unblemished and beautiful,” the digestion expert writes. “If you were able to acquire a Lamborghini and drove it through mud and slush with corrosive road salt, and if a flock of pigeons roosted on its roof, and a family of raccoons made a home in the backseat and a pack of rats nested in the ventilation piping, would you just accept or ignore those things and keep on driving?” Sadly, many do.

On January 19, look for in the second half of the Magazine‘s January issue:

  • A guest story by Tarah Millen
  • Top Tips from Peter Csere
  • Plus more!

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