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Peter’s Mango Salad

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Peter Julius Csere shares his recipe for Peter’s Mango Salad. “This is a delicious yet simple fruit salad that, surprisingly, many people haven’t conceived of,” he says. “I’ve eaten almost no bananas for a very long time, but I still go back to this amazing combination once in a while when I have creamy red bananas or caramelly ‘oritos.'”

Peter grew up in the Northeastern United States, and, from a young age, always had an interest in growing his own food. After earning a university degree in jazz piano performance, he worked for several years in Connecticut as a professional pianist and teacher. The cold and expensive life soon lost its appeal, and Peter joined Robert Fulop in Florida at the “Banana Sanctuary” project—a five-acre polyculture farm. After eight months of learning the ropes of tropical living and farming, Peter departed the U.S. for Ecuador, where he, along with his friends Jason Kvestad and Jay Kaiser [a.k.a. Jay Yogi], formed the growing community of raw vegans: Terra Frutis.

Not to be content with just one success, Peter went on to spearhead the nearby “Fruit Haven” project and continues to organize, consult and do “boots on the ground” work for additional raw vegan communities. Visit the Terra Frutis website and connect with Terra Frutis on Facebook and YouTube. Visit the FruitHaven EcoVillage website and connect with it on Facebook and YouTube.



  • Chop mangos and bananas into somewhat small pieces.
  • Put in a bowl. Stir. Let the bananas soak in the mango juice for a few minutes.
  • Devour! With some mango varieties, the combination of the starchy banana texture and the sweet mango pulp and juice is almost reminiscent of cake with frosting or “pound cake.”
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