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Fruit-Powered Magazine: February 2014

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Meeting Nucleus Raw Foods Owner; Classes at Arnold’s Way; Aussies Grant Campbell and Anne Osborne Share Stories

Hello, readers. One of my favorite things about being a fruitarian is meeting fellow raw fooders, and I’m regularly at the best place in the world for this to happen: Arnold’s Way. I’ve met well more than a few dozen in the past two months who’ve been at a raw food diet for a while or just got going with it and have interviewed a few for Fruit-Powered Video segments. I especially enjoyed meeting Dan McGrogan, who’s opening Nucleus Raw Foods in Luzerne, Pennsylvania, in the Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas, in mid-February.

Dan came to Arnold’s Way to learn from owner Arnold Kauffman about the café’s business and, specifically, its 30-Day Raw Challenge. This monthly program is priced ultracompetitively to entice blue-collar workers in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, to enjoy healthful fare such as green smoothies and “cheeseburgers” (just $3.33 a day!) instead of dining at fast-food joints and other restaurants serving salt- and fat-rich meals. Dan has a commitment to providing education at his café so folks can learn about the benefits of a raw food diet and become engaged, forming a tight-knit community. This kind of community has worked wonders at Arnold’s Way, popularly called The Raw Food Capital of the World, as has been evident at highly attended, high-energy potlucks in recent months.

Patrons listen to Arnold Kauffman at an Arnold's Way potluck
More than 30 patrons listen to owner Arnold Kauffman speak at the December 2013 potluck at Arnold’s Way. Dan McGrogan of Nucleus Raw Foods recently explored the Arnold’s Way business and community to help build up his own café, opening in mid-February in Luzerne, Pennsylvania.

Grant Campbell in stride against lush green backgroundThis month in Fruit-Powered Magazine, I profile Grant Campbell. Grant’s a classic example of what proper diet, exercise and other healthful factors can help a person achieve. He’s enjoyed escalating success on a low-fat raw food diet and is running ultramarathons whose lengths are just jaw-dropping. Grant also compares and contrasts his experiences eating lots of gourmet, or high-fat, raw food dishes with a fruit-based diet.

Anne Osborne in a sky-print dressAlso this month, the Magazine spotlights another Australian: Anne Osborne. Anne transitioned to a fruit-based lifestyle in 1990 and has raised two children on this diet. The author shares the story of her remarkable journey. Grant and Anne share recipes in this issue.

If you’re in Greater Philadelphia, stop by one of my recipe demonstration classes at Arnold’s Way. The next one is Thursday, February 27, at 6:30 p.m. and will spotlight how to make seven salad dressings, some from my new raw food primer, A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies ‘n’ Salads.

This month, in weekly installments, look for:

P.S.: I received this glowing review from Dave Klein on’s refreshed website design:

[Your website] might be the best one on the web!

I received this positive comment from a new subscriber, Amanda:

I am so excited to have found this site! I was a frequent visitor of another popular raw forum, however, the atmosphere had become very negative. :( Between this site and FullyRawKristina’s, I now have fun and positive resources to look forward to on a daily basis. Thanks!

My friend Joy sent me this kind note:

Just wanted to say I am enjoying reading your newsletter. … Thanks for the good work you do in this world! :-)

Finally, Donna shared these words with me on Facebook:

Thank you for your recent Fruit-Powered newsletter (January 30). It is very interesting and has valuable content.

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