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Toni Allen: ‘We Were Created to Be Healthy and Beautiful’

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Toni Allen lives in the mountains of tropical Jamaica. She started her raw food journey December 14, 2010, weighing 230 pounds. She lost 120 pounds in a year and reversed Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other health conditions, getting off all medication. Toni is the founder of the popular Facebook group Raw and Delicious Lifestyles.

“I feel so blessed with the abundant sunshine, clean air and nature that surrounds me daily,” Toni says. “I’ve been 100 percent raw vegan for four years and enjoy my new, healthy body.”

Brian’s note: I began 10 sentences with targeted words, presented in boldface below, that serve as conversation starters and asked Toni to complete the thoughts in this condensed “interview.”

A video with Bill Clinton was my first introduction to the healing power of a plant-based diet and led me to find out about Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a raw plant-based diet and reversing diabetes. Everyone today is directly affected by diabetes and other chronic diseases and should try to learn the awesome way to reverse and cure these diseases easily like I did. I’ll be forever grateful to Bill Clinton and his testimony.

What stood out was that it just made sense. I was a vegetarian or vegan my entire life, and I was sick, suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure to a heart condition, arthritis, allergies, kidney issues, gallstones, neuropathy and so much more. The answer was right there: raw.

My early days on a raw food diet
were amazing. In two days, my blood pressure dropped from 220/110 to 90/60! My glucose readings went from 455 ml/gl to 98. In two months, I lost 50 pounds and, in a year, over 120 pounds. My energy level is amazing.

Toni Allen holds a hand-drawn sign saying, "I am Vegan."
Toni Allen proudly announces that she’s a vegan.

In time, I threw away all my medication and pills—and my cane! Ha!

Moving my body for the first time in decades, I was able to walk totally pain free and climb stairs without my chest collapsing.

The things I lost and gained on a raw food diet are, well, diseases. That’s the No. 1 loss. All of them and their evil side effects. I went from a size 24W to a 6P—incredible! Friends and neighbors didn’t even recognize me—LOL—and it was more than just weight loss. When my body cured, it was as if it cured all the results of aging. I look and feel 30 years younger. My skin glows, and I have healthy shines in my eyes. With toxins gone, I don’t even have body odor. Raw vegan puts our bodies right back to the condition we were meant to be. We were created to be healthy and beautiful! The only few drawbacks I encountered were fighting my 16-year-old daughter for clothes and that the raw vegan lifestyle has been known to cause extreme sexiness, glowing beauty and radiant health.

A comparison of Toni Allen's pants sizes before and after adopting a raw food diet
The tale of the pants sizes. Toni went from size 24W to 6P after adopting a raw food diet, with an emphasis on eating fresh fruits.

Eating locally, seasonally and mainly wild, I’m a real raw vegan weird—LOL. I eat only when in season and local and mainly wild and how nature provides. I stopped planning meals years ago or even purchasing food. It’s always a surprise, in a way, to see what and how much I’m going to eat the next day or even week. I live in the tropics, so by nature, I eat mainly fruits but not at all limited. Last week, I was blessed with the most delicious bush cabbage, which is actually a tree! I had it with some wild bird peppers and plummy tomatoes. Today, I have my eyes on some superdelicious Julie mangos.

My favorite fruit, hands down, is jackfruit.

These days, I enjoy good health both mentally and physically. My lifestyle is one wherein I mimic nature as closely as possible. I get up every morning at dawn and sleep most nights right after the sun sets. I start my day with 1 liter of pure spring water and a beautiful walk up here in my mountain home in Jamaica. I meditate daily for 20 minutes and sit in the sunshine for 15 minutes a day, and if it’s raining I feel so blessed. I live alone now, but I have my animals, including a donkey!

Toni Allen poses on a path in a field

The Facebook group Raw and Delicious Lifestyles came to be because, when I discovered this lifestyle and the incredible healing, all I wanted to do was tell people—actually everybody, the whole world, in fact! It amazed me how simple and perfect healing was and how no one deserves an unnecessary death sentence, so I created a Facebook group. I was delighted to share my story and write people and give health and raw advice. I personally wrote anyone and everyone who wrote me. My first letters were few, and I felt so rewarded, and as the group grew, so did the letters and requests, and my heart was full with each request for help. Now, we are almost 18,000 members from all over the globe, and some days I write hundreds of letters. RAD has become like a huge family to me. I have some of my dearest friends ever within the group! I love them dearly, and from Day 1, other raw community leaders have joined and helped others there, too!

We are a group of conscientious thinkers who believe our lifestyles are governed by our health. We promote the eating of a whole, living plant-based diet. We are proud raw vegans at varying stages of our journey. As a group, we are both diverse and equal. We share support, learn and teach one another. We meet here, and a magical positive union of like minds to create an awesome oneness. It is really just RAWsome.

I've just stopped trying to pick up the pieces and instead I'm reaching for the stars!
Toni Allen inspired the May 25, 2014, Fruit-Powered Quote.

Watch Toni in Action in this Television Segment

Toni Allen smiles in Jamaica

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