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Toni Allen smiles in Jamaica

Toni Allen’s Top 5 Tips for Daily Essentials

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Toni Allen shares her Top 5 Tips for daily essentials. Toni lives in the mountains of tropical Jamaica. She started her raw food journey December 14, 2010, weighing 230 pounds. She lost 120 pounds in a year and reversed Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and other health conditions, getting off all medication. Toni is the founder of the popular Facebook group Raw and Delicious Lifestyles.

  1. Enjoy a diet of fresh, ripe, raw fruits and vegetables. Earn your meals by eating only when you’re hungry. This promotes healing, controls overeating and food obsessions, reduces bloating and stomach issues and stabilizes weight.
  2. Get your exercise. Walking and dancing are my preference.
  3. Have a good water regime.
  4. Make time for meditation and prayer.
  5. Bask in the sunshine, taking in moments in nature, as well as love and compassion.


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