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Raw Food Levi eats watermelon at The Woodstock Fruit Festival

Raw Food Levi’s Top 5 Tips for Parents to Raise a Raw Food Kid

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Raw Food Levi shares his Top 5 Tips for parents to raise a raw food kid. Levi is 10 years old and has been raw since he was born. He’s very happy about that because he never gets sick, has tons of energy and loves eating fruit and huge salads!Although Levi lives in a small Central Canadian town where he is quite unique as a raw vegan, he lives a fairly normal life. He attends public school, has lots of friends, plays sports, goes to birthday parties and has sleepovers—just like a regular kid!

Levi loves hockey, lacrosse and soccer. He has been learning to ride a motocross bike and recently ran a triathlon at The Woodstock Fruit Festival. All on just fruits and veggies! Levi’s website is He is the author of Raw Food For Kids. Watch Levi on YouTube and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

1. If possible, start raw from birth. I’m not used to anything other than fruits and veggies, so it’s not hard at all for me. I don’t have three or four years of eating cooked food and then having to switch. I don’t even want any other food because I’ve never had it—I don’t know what it tastes like!

2. Even if you’re not completely raw, making your kid raw is still good because once they understand how good they feel, they won’t want to eat anything else and will be happy they are raw. My parents aren’t 100 percent raw like me, but I’m happy to be raw, and they are happy I’m raw, too.

3. When I have friends over, I am sure to have something for them that they like and some raw food for them to try. That way, they still enjoy coming to my house but get to try something new. Most of my friends had never tried mango, fresh dates, dragon fruit or banana ice cream before they came to my house. Sometimes, we make a smoothie for them to try, too. And they all like pineapple, bananas, pears, apples, oranges and cucumber, so we offer them that as well.

Raw Food Levi holds a cabbage head for a 2014 contest
Raw Food Levi holds a cabbage head for a 2014 fall fair.

4. My teeth have been good even though I eat a lot of fruit. I rinse my mouth out with water after eating fruit and brush in the morning and before bed. I get a lot of minerals from all the veggies I eat in my salad every day. I did get a bit of a cavity in one of my baby teeth once, but then it fell out. My teeth also got stained a bit once from eating a lot of blueberries for a few months, but it was gone after the dentist cleaned my teeth.

5. Don’t worry about protein. People ask me that a lot. There’s lots of protein in fruits and veggies, and you don’t need to eat beans or nuts to get it (I eat a few nuts only once in a while). I get more than 10 percent of my calories from protein from the fruits and veggies I eat. (The USDA recommends 8 percent for me.) Mother’s milk has less than 10 percent of calories from protein, and babies grow faster than anyone. I am strong and healthy eating just fruits and veggies.

Raw Food Levi climbs a tree

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