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Raw Food Levi: ‘Raw Vegan Since Birth, I Feel Good—Strong and Healthy’

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Raw Food Levi is 10 years old and has been raw since he was born. He’s very happy about that because he never gets sick, has tons of energy and loves eating fruit and huge salads! Although Levi lives in a small Central Canadian town where he is quite unique as a raw vegan, he lives a fairly normal life. He attends public school, has lots of friends, plays sports, goes to birthday parties and has sleepovers—just like a regular kid!

Levi loves hockey, lacrosse and soccer. He has been learning to ride a motocross bike and recently ran a triathlon at The Woodstock Fruit Festival. All on just fruits and veggies! Levi’s website is RawFoodLevi.com. He is the author of Raw Food For Kids. Watch Levi on YouTube and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Brian’s note: I began 10 sentences with targeted words, presented in boldface below, that serve as conversation starters and asked Levi to complete the thoughts in this condensed “interview.”

Raw vegan since birth, I feel good—strong and healthy. I’m happy that I’m healthy because it’s no fun being sick. Because I have been raw since I was born, I’m not used to the other food that’s not so good for you. That helps make it easier since I have never been fed that food that is addicting. And I don’t have to try to change later to eat healthy food.

Raw Food Levi eats coconuts and mangos at The Woodstock Fruit Festival after competing in a triathlon
Raw Food Levi eats coconuts and mangos at The Woodstock Fruit Festival after competing in a triathlon.

My level of health is 100 percent. I never get sick. I never miss school or sports because I am sick. I don’t take any pills, even for headaches (because I don’t get them unless I bang my head around, but it goes away after a little quiet and relaxing). I have lots of energy, and I am excited about lots of things. I probably have more energy than a lot of kids, and when I play sports, I have better stamina than most kids. (Once in a while over a holiday when I have been getting a lot less sleep than I should, I might get a few sniffles or a little cough. I am always 100 percent again after a good night’s sleep!)

The sights and smells of cooked foods don’t really interest me. Sometimes the smell of Mexican food spices smells good. But I don’t want to eat it because it might make me not feel well. Some cooked food or raw meat looks pretty bad to me.

Raw Food Levi carries salad on his head at The Woodstock Fruit Festival

In school and around my friends, when I bring a lot of one fruit, they think that’s really crazy—like when I bring 20 clementines or five bananas for lunch. Lots of kids are interested in what I eat and don’t eat, but they don’t make fun of me. I think they are used to me eating that way since I always have. At parties, I normally bring cantaloupe or dates or something I really like. My friends’ parents know that I don’t eat anything but fruits and veggies, so when I go to their house, they normally have something special for me that I can eat (like cherries or melon).

I love to play sports—especially hockey, lacrosse, soccer and tennis. I love riding my bike, scooter, rip stick and going to the skateboard park. I like to act and make people laugh. I will be acting in the local Christmas Pantomime again this year. I like playing with my cousins. I like to play mini-sticks, especially playing goalie. I like road hockey with my mom and dad. I like playing video games a lot like Mario Kart and Minecraft. I love to eat salsa with cucumber and sometimes just by the spoonful! I love my huge salad every night. Sometimes I think, “I can’t wait to get home and have my salad.”

Raw Food Levi holds his medal for a lacrosse championship
Raw Food Levi holds his medal for a lacrosse championship.

My experience at The Woodstock Fruit Festival was awesome! I loved the freshly squeezed orange juice every day and the melon every morning, especially watermelon. I liked the lake and all the water activities. I liked the go-carting, the high-ropes course and laying in the hammocks. And I loved having a lot of coconuts. I liked going out every night, hanging out with people, especially at the campfire. I can’t wait until next year!

I eat based on 80/10/10, which means I eat mostly fruit and veggies with some seeds and nuts once in a while. I eat my fruit when it is nice and ripe, and I mostly like eating fruits on their own, not made into recipes or blended together.

Cover of Raw Food For Kids by Raw Food LeviThe fruits I enjoy most are peaches, cherries, mango, melon (all kinds), oranges, clementines, dates and bananas.

When I grow up, I want to be an actor and a firefighter. I want to go sky diving and bungee jumping from something really tall. I want to go to lots of places around the world and live in a mansion. I would like to have three kids, and I’m going to raise them raw, just like my parents did.

In my book, Raw Food For Kids, I tell people about my daily life and what I do when I go out to eat and go to parties. There are some recipes in it that I really enjoy. I wrote the book to help parents and kids to be raw and to show that raw is fun! I want everyone to eat lots of fruits and veggies.

Watch Levi in Action in a Popular Video

Raw Food Levi eats watermelon at The Woodstock Fruit Festival

COMING NOVEMBER 13: Discover Levi’s Top 5 Tips for parents to raise a raw food kid.

Recipe for Pear & Spinach Smoothie from Raw Food Levi

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Recipe for Pico de Levi from Raw Food Levi

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9 thoughts on “Raw Food Levi: ‘Raw Vegan Since Birth, I Feel Good—Strong and Healthy’”

  1. Hello Levi. I wanted to tell you what an incredibly blessed kid you are! I wish I had been raised only eating vegetables and fruit! Instead I struggle with a lot of problems. My own children have not been eating this way! It is wonderful that you are never sick! Awesome job Mom! Way to go!

  2. concerned grandparent

    Hi Levi , I’m happy to hear you are healthy and never sick.
    Question about you , you are 10 years old. Where are you on the growth chart; how tall are you and what do you weigh.
    Keep up the good work and enjoy life.

    1. Hi concerned grandparent. You don’t have to be concerned.
      The average height for a 10 year old (and i just turned 10) is 54 inches and I am 53 inches. There are lots of non-vegan, non-raw kids who are shorter than me in my age group at school.
      My dad was the shortest kid in his class until he was 16 but now he is 5’10” and he wasn’t raw as a kid.
      I’m healthy and have a ton of energy and am strong. And I do enjoy life! Can’t you tell!
      Thanks! Levi

      1. Hi concerned grandparent,

        I know you didn’t ask me but I feel the need to share. I believe that genetics primarily determine the stature of a child. My daughter is 3 and she is at the 95th percentile for height and the 62th percentile for weight. She eats an almost all raw and all vegan diet. With a mother who is 5’7 and a father who is 6’3 it makes perfect sense!


    2. Hi Peggy Coster!
      Thank you for the message. My mom IS awesome!
      I think it’s hard to change to be raw, so I am happy I eat healthy already.
      Just eat more fruits and veggies more often and soon you will be eating much better.
      Try eating just fruit for breakfast or lunch and you might really like it!

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