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Green Smoothie with Sprouted Coconut by Dr. Robert Lockhart

Green Smoothie with Sprouted Coconut

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Longtime raw vegan Dr. Robert Lockhart shares his recipe for Green Smoothie with Sprouted Coconut. Robert is known for his ability to walk on his hands, a daily practice he completes the length of a football field. He is an expert on dry fasting. Robert’s website is and YouTube channel is Robert Lockhart.

“I’m not big into recipes or creating mixtures of foods to titillate and stimulate the palate, rather believing that mono or two or three similar articles of food (fruit) is best as a meal,” Robert says. “However, I sometimes have a green smoothie with sprouted coconut.”



  • Blend the bananas, other fruit and greens for 30 seconds in a Vitamix or stick blender.
  • Slice the coconut.
  • Thinly slice the tomato.
  • Serve the green smoothie on coconut slices with tomato slices.
Robert Lockhart making Green Smoothie with Sprouted Coconut
“The sprouted coconut (haustorium) is used as a ‘sandwich’ to launch the green smoothie down the hatch!,” Robert says.

Watch Robert in Action Making Green Smoothie with Sprouted Coconut

Robert Lockhart rests against a rocky surface with several fruits

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Robert Lockhart on Mount Apo in the Philippines

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