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Robert Lockhart on Mount Apo in the Philippines

Dr. Robert Lockhart’s Top 5 Tips for Health

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Longtime raw vegan Dr. Robert Lockhart shares his Top 5 Tips for health. Robert is known for his ability to walk on his hands, a daily practice he completes the length of a football field. He is an expert on dry fasting. Robert’s website is and YouTube channel is Robert Lockhart.

Grapes hang from a tree in a field

  1. Eat living foods, if possible organically grown, fresh, tree-ripened. That’s important. So many foods days are picked these days for commercial reasons when they’re not mature, and [companies] don’t allow them to mature on the trees so they don’t develop their full nutrient and sugar profile. Really, to do that, you’ve got to get to a community or become part of a community that is growing its own food or buy some land or [provide] care-taking on a land that would allow you to plant fruits and get them to tree-ripen.
  2. Associate with like-minded people that are not going to pull you down and not going to be too critical. So if you’re trying to do it yourself in a family situation or if you’re dealing with people that are continually asking you questions that are negative—saying, “Why are you doing this?” and “It’ll do you no good being on this type of diet” and “Where do you get your protein from?”—you’ve got to disassociate yourself from those type of people and move in a different circle.
  3. Be different. If you want to succeed in this world, you’ve got to be different. If you want to just be part of the mainstream and mediocrity, well do the same as everyone else does and you’ll never really stand out. Be different with your exercise. Don’t just go down to the gym and slavishly work out and think that you’re going to build big muscles and that they’re going to be feeding your own ego. Do some corrective exercises that offset the many hours a day that you’re on your seat and you’re feet. Get upside down.
  4. Realize that all healing takes place in proportion to blood supply. The more blood you can get to an area, the faster it heals. So if you’re sticking ice on an injury … you’re cutting down the blood supply to that area. You’re not allowing blood there because the vessels are contracting and preventing blood from flowing through. Get the blood supply in there as soon as possible, and that is the surest way the body does that by creating a fever. Manage the healing crisis properly.
  5. Avoid vaccinations. Putting pus and poisonous substances directly into the bloodstream of a young child is like mass murder, as far as I’m concerned. It’s ridiculous. How can people think like that? Build health. Don’t build artificial health that you think you can build on the back of vaccinations, supplementation and artificial medicine.

Robert Lockhart rests against a rocky surface with several fruits

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