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Fruit-Powered Magazine: December 2012

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Thanksgiving at Arnold’s Way; Holiday Season

Hello, readers. If you celebrated it, I hope you enjoyed Thanksgiving. I can’t recall a Thanksgiving in my lifetime when I was ever so thankful. This has been the most magical year of my life, and the primary reason is that I was ready to embrace being committed to a 100 percent raw diet after achieving up-and-down results while 90 percent raw in 2011.

Anna Chmielewska lays on grass, holding a flowerI had the fortunate opportunity of attending the first Thanksgiving dinner at Arnold’s Way, a raw food café in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, which, outside nature, is my favorite place. I’ve become close friends with owner Arnold Kauffman over the past two-and-a-half years, and it was a joy to join about 25 folks and hear their short stories on what they’re thankful for. I was thrilled to meet a bright, talented and motivated 17-year-old college student, Megan Sherow, who is well on the path to healing from brain cancer thanks to a raw food diet. I was also happy to spend the day with Anna Chmielewska, a Poland native who celebrated her first Thanksgiving. She’s worked with Arnold the past three months after meeting him at The Woodstock Fruit Festival. Read and hear an interview with Anna.

Looking forward, December can be a stressful month if one gets swept up in the commercialism of the season and indulges at parties. If you’re considering going raw or are in the early going of your transition, don’t put yourself a few steps behind come early January. If you’re mostly raw and trying to push forth to be wholly raw, don’t derail your efforts and make the month less than what it can be. If you get your fill with fruits and greens, you’ll stay away from less-optimal fare. In a hurry? Bring ripe bananas or grapes with you and go for a simple salad for your second dinner!

Late December is a time when many think about making big changes for the new year. Going raw vegan is, in my mind, the best thing folks can do for themselves. Sure, it takes time to learn some things and patience for your body and mind to adapt to a new lifestyle, but these are small investments to make. A raw diet can not only add years to your life but life to your years!

Only in your early days of exploring raw but definitely wanting to exercise more in 2013? I guarantee a raw food diet will get you moving thanks to having increased and sustained energy. Start off by having calorie-rich green smoothies for breakfast every day. I mentioned recently at an Arnold’s Way potluck that my biggest regret is not going raw when Arnold first enlightened me about the diet in 2002, when I was a young newspaper reporter covering his Lansdale opening. Raw brings out the real you!

Andrew Perlot holds a watermelon while sitting on a swingOne need look no farther than Andrew Perlot for what a low-fat raw food diet can do to an ambitious person. Andrew overcame health issues on the way to positively thriving on a 100 percent raw diet. I discovered his treasure trove of a website,, in mid-2011 and hired him for some pointers during my transition. I’m happy to profile him in this issue.

I wish you happy holidays!

P.S.: A reader wrote me in early November about that month’s Fruit-Powered Magazine:

Excellent issue!

Thanks so much!

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