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Exercises to Improve Posture for Chronic Pain Treatment

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In this Fruit-Powered Video, Fruit-Powered’s Brian Rossiter talks to Arnold’s Way owner Arnold Kauffman about his experiences with the exercises to improve posture for chronic pain treatment and high performance in the Fruit-Powered Life Force Center‘s Posture Exercises Method. Despite suffering from no chronic pain except for a knee injury sustained in early June and reaggravated during his participation in a 5K in late October, Arnold Kauffman is benefiting greatly from the Posture Exercises Method, exercising to correct his posture and align his body, particularly his shoulders, hips, knees and ankles, which are the body’s eight load-bearing joints. Just about every day at his Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw food café, people ask about the workout changes he’s made to improve his postural alignment so quickly.

“Whatever you’re doing with Arnold and the Method, keep it up. His face—he looks decades younger!”

The Ultimate in Chronic Pain Treatment: Exercises to Improve Posture

As explored in “Improving Postural Alignment Is Like Turning Back Time,” an article published in Fruit-Powered Magazine, Arnold Kauffman has been rolling back time, and I’m grateful to have given him this gift of guiding him in practicing the Posture Exercises Method. I have watched him eliminate postural deviations, much of them accumulated from almost 20 years of the very physically challenging career of working in a kitchen. I have watched Arnold Kauffman grow in becoming a new man all over again, just as he did in his mid-40s, when he told his family he was going to fix himself and leave a hospital after suffering from a rapidly beating heart twice in a single month, and then again in his early 50s, when he began adopting a mostly low-fat raw food diet.

“This has given me the most success ever of anything I’ve done before—and I do it all.”
—Arnold Kauffman

Explore the Posture Exercises Method and Experience Pain Relief and Peak Performance

Posture Exercises Method - Pain Relief and Peak Performance - Fruit-Powered

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