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Victor VanRambutan’s Top 5 Tips for Staying Long-Term Fruit-Based Raw

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Victor VanRambutan shares his Top 5 Tips for staying long-term fruit-based raw.

Victor is completing his degree in plant-ecophysiology research while he builds a fruit-based food forest called Fruitluck Farms. He started the food forest because “there is no food in the world like food that comes live, fresh and from your own hands,” he said. “All the care and nurturing you give your trees and plants comes right back as self-love and high vitality. When he is not studying or working the land, he loves long-distance running, Olympic lifting, swimming, diving, cycling, rock climbing, mountain trekking and canoeing.

“My journey in this lifestyle is largely about enacting environmental shifts,” Victor said. “Plant-based, especially perennial tree-crop-based eating, is the wave of the future. Every home with a zero-carbon, self-sustaining food forest is the ultimate future! It is time for humans to claim their highest quality of life through vitality, wellness and personal expression. As the saying goes, ‘When all of the water and land is polluted, humans will then discover they cannot eat money.’ Grow more fruit!”

  1. Have a consistent supply of ripe fruit, frozen fruit and dehydrated fruit to take on the go!
  2. Bring fruit with you wherever you go. I always have a bag or jar of fruit with me. It is easy to say, “Oh, I will just grab some on the go, but when you cannot find what you want and are really hungry, less desirable foods suddenly become ‘OK.'”
  3. Eat more juicy fruit. The juicier the fruit, the better the results, in my experience, and many other report the same. Keep it juicy!
  4. Keep your minerals and EFAs at adequate levels. Going for long periods without adequate greens or overt fats often times leads to a crash and burn.
  5. Above all, listen to your body! Too often, I see or hear people doing things that manipulate the body. There is always a price to pay for that. Body wisdom knows best.

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