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Staple Foods Provide a Base on a Raw Food Diet

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It’s critical to learn which fruits you can rely on as staple foods to provide significant portions of your calories on a raw food diet. One might love strawberries, but trying to thrive on them is a difficult task compared with bananas. Strawberries, after all, provide just 145 calories a pound compared with bananas, which offer 404 calories a pound. It doesn’t take long to calculate that a 10-banana, 1,050-calorie smoothie would cost significantly less than a 7-pound, 1,015-calorie strawberry meal.

Bananas are my staple, comprising about half of my average daily caloric intake. I buy two 40-pound cases of bananas a week. Others go for mangos, for example.

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Eating only bananas and greens all day every day would drive me bananas, even though I thrive by doing this on occasion. I enjoy MangOranges Smoothie for breakfast frequently, and I love eating watermelon for a few meals a week. When I get a good price, grapes are nice as a monomeal, too.

Fear not that consuming too many bananas, for example, would cause the body to overdose on potassium or any other nutrient. The body rids itself of excess nutrients. No one bats an eye when I mention many Asians eat rice, a staple food, with all their meals, but the minute I say I eat bananas for breakfast, lunch and dinner some days, I get wide-eyed stares. Compared with rice, bananas offer optimal digestion, absorption and assimilation. One need look no farther than our closest genetic relatives to find they consume many bananas a day, too!

The world’s most popular fruit, bananas are readily available, inexpensive, high in calories and versatile. They may be eaten alone and are a fine addition in smoothies and the key ingredient in preparing Fruit Dream Raw “Ice Cream.”

Recipe for MangOranges Smoothie from Brian Rossiter

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Recipe for Fruit Dream Raw 'Ice Cream' from Brian Rossiter

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Insight From Natural Health Headers - Raw Food and Health by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

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