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Ronnie Smith plays guitar in the dark

Ronnie Smith’s Top 7 Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet

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Enjoy Ronnie Smith‘s Top 7 Tips for transitioning to a raw food diet. Ronnie Smith has been pursuing optimal health through a raw vegan diet since September 2011. Since then, Ronnie has been to festivals all over the world, learning from the best teachers in the raw food and natural health movement. In 2014, he organized the first UK FruitFest, a five-day event that promotes and educates people about a low-fat raw vegan diet. He regularly posts videos about his journey on his YouTube channel Fruity Ronster. You can receive his regular e-mail newsletter from his website,

1. Make it a point to meet other raw fooders. Go to an event and meet other people who have been following the lifestyle a long time. It won’t seem so strange then.

2. Work out roughly how many calories you need in a day. Use software like to check and start learning how much fruit you will need to eat to satisfy your needs.

Dr. Doug Graham flexes his biceps outside3. Continually seek education and inspiration. There are hundreds of Facebook groups devoted to this topic and many websites and books. The work of Dr. Doug Graham has been very insightful for many, many people.

4. Food addiction is real. Giving up cooked food could be the hardest thing you ever do. Take your time, be patient with yourself and realise that once your intention is set, you will reach your goal as long as you keep going, learning and enjoying the ride.

5. Don’t try to force it on friends, family and colleagues. Let them come to you when the time is right. Keep showing a good example.

6. Prepare in advance. Make sure you plan ahead with your food. It is likely you will end up in situations in which your ideal food will not be nearby.

7. Find a wholesale market or farmers’ market at which you can buy in bulk. This will save you money and time. Develop good relationships with people who sell fruit and find out where they get their produce from.

Ronnie Smith plays guitar in a black-and-white photograph
Sans his trademark facial hair, Ronnie Smith plays guitar.

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