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Megan Elizabeth’s Top 5 Tips for Creating the Life You Want

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Megan-Elizabeths-Delicious-Raw-Recipe-GuideYouTube star and author Megan Elizabeth shares her Top 5 Tips for creating the life you want. Megan’s YouTube channel, Easy To Be Raw, features more than 100 videos on recipes and healthful living. She is the author of Easy To Be Raw, Easy To Be Raw—DessertsYou In Bloom and Megan Elizabeth’s Delicious Raw Recipe Guide. Megan’s website is

  1. Write out your goals and edit them as needed as you grow and change. Focus on a few at a time. This can also be done in vision- or dream-board style, which can help influence you even more.
  2. Seek out people who have achieved your goals before (or something similar). Figure out their methods. Read their books, watch their videos, ask them questions if you can. Find out who their mentors were and read their books!
  3. Eat the way that makes you feel the best. When you feel good, you can do more. When you want to eat foods that you know are bad for you, step back and remember your goals, remember that you have a purpose in life. You owe it to yourself, your family, your friends, even your pets to always try to do and be your best. That being said, your best is different from moment to moment. Move on from backward steps quickly and don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up.
  4. Set short-term and long-term deadlines with your goals. Put yourself in a position so that it’s hard to procrastinate … well, at least not for too long. Making yourself accountable to others helps with sticking to your deadlines. If you’re like me and have fully mastered procrastination, maybe you need a buddy in on your goal or project who is better at managing certain tasks than you are. Or you can hire someone temporarily to help with something you hate to do but needs to get done.
  5. Surround yourself with like-minded people or people whose qualities you would like to have and pick up on. If you want to be really excited about life, you can’t be spending a lot of time with people who aren’t. Choose friends who brighten your life. This isn’t always the easiest path at first, but in the long term, it makes a huge difference.

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