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Keep Enough Fruit on Hand

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In the earliest days of going raw, you might find keeping enough ripe fruit on hand a challenge. Bananas and mangos might not ripen in time, and you might also be out of grapes and watermelons, for example.

Some transitioning raw fooders—especially those who switch from the standard American diet with lots of animal products to raw overnight—get into trouble without having enough fruit and settle for old favorites such as hamburgers and pizza. This kind of back-and-forth change can throw a body and mind out of whack and block one’s path to raw bliss. It’s important to always pick yourself up where you are and move on without agonizing over bad decisions!

Some such as Anna Chmielewska of say they remained on track during their raw transitions by keeping a package of dates in a bag that went wherever they went. This is an easy way to be sure you have fruit calories when you’re out and about and see restaurants and snacks you’d rather avoid. Keeping dates, which stay fresh for several weeks, on hand is a good way to ensure you have enough fruit calories to keep you supercharged and away from suboptimal fare such as animal, cooked and processed foods.

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At home, keep a supply of some frozen ripe bananas, which are a fine fruit in making green smoothies and fruit smoothies and the key ingredient in preparing Fruit Dream Raw “Ice Cream.” You can also refrigerate ripe bananas to keep them fresher a while longer.

I find making two food-shopping trips a week helpful in keeping my supply of fruit fresh. This enables me to seek out cases of bananas on the cusp of ripeness.

In time, you’ll become so skilled at stocking up on enough fruit that food shopping and storing will become second nature.

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Insight From Natural Health Headers - Raw Food and Health by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

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