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Jessica Fuller’s Top 5 Tips for Eating a Raw Food Diet on a Budget

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Jessica Fuller shares her Top 5 Tips for eating a raw food diet on a budget. Jessica, of Orem, Utah, studies community health at Utah Valley University. She’s among the youngest raw food leaders, spreading the message about the importance of eating a healthful diet on her blog and Facebook page. She also helped launch the Health and Nutrition Club at UVU.

  1. Buy in bulk! It’s cheaper! And you can go in on it with your friends and roomies and help them enjoy a healthier lifestyle, too.
  2. Have a water bottle that’s made of either glass or stainless steel! These materials are more pure and won’t leech chemicals into its contents. Carrying a water bottle will ensure you will always have water (or juice with chia, or tea or a smoothie) and help you stay hydrated throughout the day, which will, in turn, help curb hunger.
  3. Plan meals! Don’t just come home every night and open the fridge and hope something sounds good or that you have the energy to make something. Have a vague outline either in your head or on paper of the meals you’ll be having on a week by week basis. It will help you stay raw and eating well because that way your roommate’s fresh cookies won’t be an appealing temptation.
  4. Pack a lunch! Take a salad in a bag or a little cup of hummus and a bag of carrots or celery to school with you. Otherwise, those vending machines or on-campus free food opportunities will get to you!
  5. Have fun with it! You are feeding your body the best that you know how. Take pride and joy in this and remember you are such an inspiration to your peers, even if they initially just think of you as a hippie, hummus-lovin’ weirdo. Never eat food with any emotion other than gratitude and love for your life, food and self. The emotion you have as you eat gets stored cellularly as much as the nutrients do.

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Fuller’s Top 5 Tips for Eating a Raw Food Diet on a Budget”

  1. I wouldn’t really say buy in bulk if it is fruits and vegetables. They easily spoil even if you put them on the fridge. Try buying oats and other raw ingredients in bulk except for fresh ingredients. It is best to know some recipes from a raw food blog before you start your shopping.

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