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I delivered my third potluck presentation since 2012 at the raw food café Arnold’s Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, on Saturday night, and at the tail end of my hourlong talk, I divulged my Health Trinity. Over my six-plus-year journey of pursuing optimal health, I’ve learned that as long as I practice these three vital components daily or practically daily, I’m in a solid position to live enjoyable days, no matter what challenges are thrown at me.

Fruit-Powered Lifestyle

The first practice in my Health Trinity is leading a Fruit-Powered Lifestyle. Enjoying an abundant amount of fruits along with an ample amount of greens and limited amount of fats on a fruit-based raw vegan diet enables my body and mind to feel energized and rejuvenate. Just days from turning 39 years old, I am feeling rather extraordinary on human beings’ natural, species-specific diet, which I’ve led mostly since January 2011 and wholly since February 2012.

I’m a huge proponent of going wholly raw for best results. The year I spent leading a mostly raw food diet was marked by my feeling good some days and not others and unclear why until I removed the last source of cooked foods, vegan burritos, from my diet. Only then was my energy, clarity, mood and ambition consistent—and high all around!

Upon walking into the room holding an informal 20th high school reunion last fall, a friend exclaimed, “Rossiter, you look great!” It’s fruit, baby!

Learn more about my Fruit-Powered Lifestyle Coaching Program to help you go raw.

Posture Exercises Method

The second practice in my Health Trinity is my Posture Exercises Method, which I’ve enjoyed since April 2010. I reversed chronic back and neck pain, carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes, and, the cause of all this pain, dysfunction in my shoulders, hips, knees and ankles through practicing Egoscue Method stretches and gentle bodyweight exercises—the sames ones included in my Posture Exercises Method, certified by Egoscue University.

Practicing the Method enables me to feel loose and strong as well as to keep away chronic pain (remember that the body has a memory). I enjoy living in an appropriately muscled and highly fit and functional body that has almost no limitations. This wonderful physical feeling also translates into confidence and feeds clear thinking and physical prowess on the athletic field.

A blonde woman stretches outside

Anyone who knows me is convinced that I’m fanatical about doing these stretches and exercises practically daily. Few events in life can disrupt my practice of the Method. I once went 16 months without missing a single day. Yes, practicing the Method feels this good!

Learn more about my Posture Exercises Method to help you end chronic pain and enjoy a functional body.


For a time, I had the Fruit-Powered Lifestyle and Method down, but someone close to me charged that I suffered from a “monkey mind,” constantly doing and not simply being. I learned to meditate while participating in a Vipassana Meditation course in Thailand in November 2013. Of course, I had to make it my own practice and bend the rules (this is good health advice, by the way) so I could arrive at the meditative state, and my practice has evolved since I began practicing with regularity in May 2015.

During my sessions, I am at rest in a supine position, with my shoulders and head propped up using a pillow wedge. I also cover my eyes with my palms, a practice called “palming” in the Bates Method world. These adjustments enable me greater relaxation and a postural position more in tune with what my body desires compared with the seated meditation position, which brings stress to the hips, knees and ankles.

I find that my sleep is more restful and days more vibrant and calm when I meditate, almost exclusively before bedtime, although a goal is to engage in a short session in the mornings when I improve my eyesight. I also live in the moment, see and appreciate more, and manage stress better when meditating practically daily.

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