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Grant Campbell’s Top 10 Tips for Health

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Ultramarathoner and low-fat raw vegan Grant Campbell shares his Top 10 Tips for health. Grant is the director of education for Dr. Doug Graham‘s and manages the 80/10/10 Certified Lifestyle Coach Program. Grant’s website is and YouTube channel is RawAussieAthlete.

  1. The 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Doug GrahamHealth is about much more than food. Make your best effort to nurture all influences on your health (fitness, diet, sleep, water, sunshine, etc. See page 10 of The 80/10/10 Diet for full list.). The more you practice juggling these influences, the easier it gets and the greater health you can achieve.
  2. Seek and accept knowledge and support from motivating sources you trust.
  3. Practice being accepting of yourself and others. Drop the negative self-talk. Be nurturing in all you do.
  4. Be true to yourself. Find confidence with the knowledge that you have all the answers within you if you ask the right questions. Others can help ask you questions to find the answers within you. Build integrity and trust in yourself by aligning your thoughts and actions with your values.
  5. Be willing to be vulnerable. There is great freedom in openness and great power in allowing yourself to be vulnerable through sharing your emotions.
  6. Use your mind but follow your heart.
  7. Treasure every emotion you feel. Emotions are purposeful messages from your body and by accepting and not fearing your emotions you will seize your greatest opportunities for growth. Ignore your emotions at great peril. You may never fully understand some of your emotions. That is ok. You will naturally process your emotions if you don’t avoid them.
  8. Trust in your body. It is always working for you, creating the greatest health it can based on the conditions you provide.
  9. Be brave enough to pursue your dreams and your passion.
  10. Be of service to others for no self-gain beyond fulfillment and happiness.

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