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Arnold's Way class in January 2014

Goal: Reaching Critical Mass at the Raw Food Capital of the World

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

I was born and raised to live a life of doing—not asking, not questioning—but following my highest truth. For whatever reason, I created my own code of words, which has been my mantra for more than five years: “To create an energetic movement for the transformation of a disease-free world.” This is and has been my charge since then.

It’s January 2. On this day, my new 30-Day Raw Challenge begins at my café, Arnold’s Way. I have come up with a master plan—a two-year plan. My secret, which I share over and over with everybody, with anyone, is that in order to carry out my mission statement, I need a plan. A plan of action that that is doable and inspires me. This, my friends, this is how my mind works.

Twenty-five people chose to join this month’s program. All sizes. All ages. All colors. All to be vegan and mostly or entirely raw for 30 days. My goal for each of them is to see success. For some of them, it’s with weight loss. In my experience—this is my 14th straight month doing the 30-Day Raw Challenge—weight loss is a given. The main reason for this is that all the digestive energy needed for the breaking down of meat is gone. If one saves 100 hours of digestion time, the body then uses that energy for other purposes, including breaking down fat that the body no longer needs.

When we talk of weight loss, we talk of the body’s intelligence. When we see fat on ourselves, on other people, it is by the body’s design. It is based on the genetic code of survival. It is based on truth and lies. It is based on the fact that there’s no in-between. Our bodies’ intelligence recognizes that as soon as a food is cooked above 115 degrees, the life force of a food is destroyed, meaning that most vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, water, glucose and protein becomes unusable. It also becomes acid-forming.

Arnold Kauffman in action in January 2014
Arnold Kauffman (left), with five volunteers who’ve had success on a raw food diet to assist him, talks to patrons about their raw food transition during a Tuesday night class in mid-January.

Heavens to Betsy—I hope I’m explaining it right! I’m not really scientific—just a simple man with a mission.

In other words, if the digested food becomes unusable, what is the body supposed to do with it? No. 1: Contain it, meaning it’s the liver’s responsibility to neutralize this acid waste so it won’t enter the bloodstream. But if our bodies are continuously being overworked—especially with spending 100 hours to digest a meal—the liver realizes it will be destroyed by working so hard. It has a symbiotic relationship with the cells to take this acid waste and destroy it for the protection of the body, brain and entire life force. After a while, though, the cells become overloaded. Given these conditions, the cells, under a supreme order of survival, creates options so they won’t die like a withering flower that has lost its water supply.

The cells, in total unison, take this overload of acid waste and store it around each cell. That, my friends, is called fat. That, my friends, is why I am willing to subsidize each person who takes my 30-Day Raw Challenge to the tune of $350. Last year, I had more than 200 graduates who took my challenge. Of whom, I dare say most are continuing to at least be consciously aware of their food choices. Those choices are directly related to how they feel. If you are not eating a dead animal, which, literally, has been manhandled and manipulated by an industry that has a financial interest in getting we, the consumers, to eat as many dead animals as possible.

Charles "Chuck" Schmidt Jr. at a 30-Day Raw Challenge class at Arnold's Way
Charles “Chuck” Schmidt Jr. talks about his successes on a raw food diet at Arnold’s Way on January 14.

This process of abstaining from the eating of dead animals, my friends, is the key. So, we take a deep breath and listen to our inner voice. My inner voice breathes fire into my soul and strength into my veins to continue to follow my passion of saving the world one person at a time. It is by my thought process and calculation that if I continue doing my 30-Day Raw Challenge, with 20 people each month, that about 500 would have been in the program over two years. Each of these people would have become a vegan and stayed a vegan, saving 50 animals a year from being eaten. Moreover, I would also have had an influence on all those people around these graduates.

If, indeed, what I say becomes true, it would mean that Lansdale, Pennsylvania, with a population of 16,000 people, would not only have the largest raw foodist population in the world but, just by the sheer number of this many people, there’s a critical mass of excited inertia that would cause an overflow of energetic vibration to make the world a happy place.

This is my challenge.

The night is still young. I can go outside and dance the night away. I thank you for your time.

Watch Arnold in Action During the Week 1 Class of the January 2014 30-Day Raw Challenge

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