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Fruit-Powered Magazine: January 2015

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Story by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

Welcome 2015, In-Depth Interview, Cassandra Glynn Kutner’s Triumphant Journey, Feeding Children and Dogs a Raw Food Diet

Hello, readers! Happy New Year! I’m thrilled to start a new year with new goals and a refined vision and hope you are as well. I am enthused by the growth of the fruit-based raw food movement and think 2015 will be a watershed year. If you’re exploring a raw food diet, all you need to do is take a look at some of the 74 transformation stories featured in Fruit-Powered Magazine to gain a crystal-clear sense that people all around the world are healing, thriving and feeling absolutely alive on a fruit-based diet!

If you’re struggling to make sense of what to eat or how much to eat or have other questions—I know, there can be many—explore my coaching plans to find out whether I can help you start or successfully transition to a raw food diet.

I’m honored to have done an interview with Ulla Tervo for her website, Ulla really did her homework, digging deep and asking thought-provoking questions. Check out the in-depth interview! I also produced two Fruit-Powered Video recipe features for the forthcoming Issue 11 of Vibrance. Both of these recipes are featured in my Mouthwatering Recipe Book Series!

Cassandra Glynn Kutner poses with Arnold KauffmanCassandra Glynn Kutner has already lost 135 pounds on a vegan diet, and now she’s making strides in reversing multiple sclerosis. Recently, she began jogging, and this activity was on the heels of taking walks. You see, not too long ago, this New Jersey woman was bedridden after having eaten, as she puts it, “garbage.” Since the spring, though, when she adopted a low-fat raw food diet, she’s been really coming alive! Cassandra’s been an active presence in the raw vegan café Arnold’s Way community and on, making friends with and chatting up other raw fooders. On January 15, look for Cassandra’s In First Person story as part of a three-page package, including a recipe and tips, the latter to drop in the January 22 Magazine installment. Cassandra’s will be the 75th transformation story published in the Magazine.

A mother hands her daughter a red appleIn his Don Bennett Says … guest spot, Don Bennett focuses on whether one can raise a child as a raw vegan. He delves deep into nutrition and makes the case for supplementation. Don argues that our food supply just isn’t as rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as we’d like to think. “… Eat a diet of the foods we’re designed to eat, and fortify that diet of nutritionally subpar foods with whatever it takes for it to supply us with enough of all the nutrients our bodies need to attain/maintain optimal health,” he writes.

Korey Constable's dog River restsFor his latest Words of Experience guest spot, Korey Constable shares his experiences feeding his dogs, which he rescued while on a trip in Kentucky, a raw food diet. He describes the benefits—shiny coats, odor-free stools and playful disposition—Red and River have experienced with significant dietary change. Korey was able to successfully transition his dogs to a raw food diet in as little as a month.

This month, in weekly installments, look for:

I wish you the best in 2015 and beyond!

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