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Eva Fruit’s Top 5 Tips for Health

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Eva Fruit of shares her Top 5 Tips for health. Eva is a holistic health coach who has been raw vegan since the early 2000s. Her YouTube channel is Eva Rawfruit. She is the author of the forthcoming raw food book Back to Life, about her managing to heal depression, candida overgrowth, Vitamin B12 deficiency, anxiety, chronic sinusitis and other issues on a low-fat raw food diet.

1. Drink enough water! I am probably not saying anything new when I talk about the importance of drinking enough water, but I had to learn it the hard way and now I want everyone else to learn from my mistakes since it’s not necessary to make too many mistakes when you can avoid it. If you are an athlete, you probably know how extremely important it is to stay hydrated while and after your workouts. I highly recommend drinking good water (from glass bottles) and eating fresh juicy fruit after your workouts.

Closeup of Eva Fruit2. Exercise on a daily basis as if your life would depend on it. When you are young, you don’t always take exercising seriously, especially if you are busy studying or having a great time with your friends. Taking care of your health seems to be boring probably because you don’t have that many health problems yet. Most of us think that a healthy lifestyle is either tedious or impossible to maintain and so we give up before even getting started. The trick is in finding like-minded people and making it fun: find friends who love working out on a daily basis, get inspired by them and ask them to give you some tips on how to stay motivated. Health is all about creating new useful habits so that you don’t have to think too hard before going out for a run: Your habits will eventually start taking care of the most part of it. Good habits do also activate your inner voice, and when you are in alignment with it, your life rocks in a big way.

3. Early nights and early mornings. This one might sound stupid to people who think of themselves as night owls, but the truth is that we are much more productive when we go to bed early and allow our bodies to relax so that we get up with a clear mind the next day, full of energy for all the new tasks and challenges life has to offer. Are you self-employed, hard-working and goal-oriented? Then you should definitely do a 30-day going-to-bed-early challenge! The results will amaze you so that going back to your old ways will not be an option anymore.

4. Low fat. People often ask me why they feel so tired during the day, even if their day wasn’t stressful or full of action. Even when we think we didn’t do much during the day, our bodies have been working hard, digesting all that food you put into it. When we eat lots of fat, our system slows down considerably. We become tired, lethargic and numb. The good news is that you can break through this vicious circle by offering your body the best food on earth: fresh, ripe, raw and juicy fruit and vegetables. Don’t make the same mistake I made at the beginning of my transition by eating avocados every single day. Replace them with one of your favorite fruits and enjoy the positive changes you will experience in your athletic and mental performance.

5. High carb. Even in the raw food world, fruit has bad reputation because of all the sugar it contains. It’s worth it to take your time and educate yourself on this subject. Not only will you come to see that your body and mind work best on a high-carb lifestyle, your experience will be such an amazing one that you will want to spread this great news all over the world by teaching others to find out the same thing for themselves.

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