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Don Croft Explores the Power of Parasite Zappers and Terminator Zappers

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Brian Rossiter‘s note: Alicia Grant turned me on to parasite zappers in 2013 when a friend shared videos she made about them. I enjoyed some communication with Don Croft about his parasite zappers and wife Carol Croft’s pendants last spring and invited them to give a talk at Arnold’s Way, a raw food café in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, upon learning their travel plans might bring them close to Philadelphia.

Only Don Croft could make the trip, and before his talk at the café, we sat down to talk about the parasite zappers he designs and manufactures as well as some other topics. Testimonials on Don Croft’s website,, include mentions of healing from a variety of health conditions, including parasite infestation and cancer.

Brian Rossiter interviews Don Croft in person in July 2016 in this Closeup interview in Fruit-Powered Magazine.

I have a number of questions to ask you about, especially about parasite zappers. But before we get into parasite zappers … give a synopsis of your life story. From there, we’ll talk about what led you to the health arena.

Don Croft: OK. I’m a late bloomer. I really didn’t get started in this stuff until I was about 45. I was a sign painter before that. I still do that once in a while. I got sick from chemtrails in 1995. That’s out in California, where it was still in the experimental stage. I stayed sick, coughing every day constantly until five months later, when somebody gave me a zapper. He said, “This will get rid of your parasites.” I said, “Well, I don’t have any parasites.” So I wore the zapper, and the next day I felt like a huge veil had lifted. I felt like a balloon going up in the atmosphere. I was extremely happy and calm. It turned out I’d been depressed all my life. I always assumed it was from brain parasites, which is quite common, I think. My cough went away that day, and I had tons of energy. I haven’t been sick since then, 1996—April 1996.

I was so excited. I started twisting everybody’s arm who was sick to try the zapper. Complete strangers, mostly, which is not characteristic of me. I’m a beta personality, still am, but, boy, I was obnoxious in getting people to use the zapper, and they all got well. Then a friend of mine who is in the healing trade introduced me to about 40 of her customers, clients who had various illnesses, serious illnesses. I made zappers for all of them. They all got well. It was cancer, lupus, heart disease—all the worst stuff—high blood pressure. This was just a simple zapper. This was in 1996. I didn’t start adding the subtle energy components until later on.

Don Croft speaks about zappers at Arnold's Way
Don Croft speaks about parasite zappers at the Lansdale, Pennsylvania, raw food café Arnold’s Way on July 24, 2016.

I was curious what you made first, was it the Terminator Zapper or was it the Basic?

Don Croft: The Basic Zapper.

OK, that was the first then. When did that come out?

In 1996, it was a Basic Zapper. You had to hold two pipes. I got a hold of Hulda Clark’s book, and I followed the directions and I built a zapper. I soldered everything. I made it very small, and I started selling those. But I noticed that people didn’t want to hold the pipes in their hands, and they wouldn’t do it unless they were suffering in the moment. If they didn’t have a complaint in the moment, they weren’t likely to use it at all.

They wouldn’t completely recover unless I was riding them, and that’s not really cost effective. A year later, I put the electrodes on the box, I glued them on the box and told them to just wear it in your sock or bra strap. It was much better. People wore it all the time. They got well sooner.

How long does it generally take for people to see improvement?

Don Croft: Usually the first day, like I did, if they have health problems. Usually the first day.

Watch a Fruit-Powered Video Interview: “Don Croft Talks Parasites, Parasite Zappers and Terminator Zappers”

What are some of the health problems people have responded to you about, their claims that these health problems went away?

Don Croft: The whole range: cancer, AIDS, heart disease, high blood pressure, all kinds of infections, spider bites, snake bites. I was bitten by a rattlesnake.

I was curious about when the Terminator Zapper came out. Will you discuss what some of the healing components are inside of it? How do they make it so much different from the Basic Zapper?

Don Croft: We don’t want to keep anything secret except for the stones that are inside the orgonite block. That’s the only proprietary part. The rest of it you can clearly see. I was concerned because Basic Zappers weren’t consistently curing genital herpes, especially in men. The cure rate in women was much higher for some reason. By then I figured out that the ones who wear it on their sacrum or close to it for a whole month consistently, they’re more likely to get well.

Somebody suggested I put a crystal in the zapper, so I did that. I put a simple crystal and wrapped it in wire that goes to the positive lead. It’s not part of the circuit. The cure rate for everything took a jump. People who were hypersensitive to energy—hypersensitive, that’s a sickness—it’s a weakness. They were more comfortable with the one that had the crystal in it. I was playing around with crystals and an orgone accumulator at the time. I had been for a couple years. The next thing I discovered was orgonite, but indirectly from Karl Welz, who was the first one, as far as I know, to market it. He was selling little pieces for $500 as a tower buster.

Terminator Zapper beside a battery
Photographed is a Terminator Zapper, available for sale in the Fruitarian Store.

This is a little segue [about what] is called an orgonite tower buster. … It does increase your psychic ability. It makes radionics devices work a lot better, it clarifies the energy, it does a whole lot. He knew that. Welz is a very confident man, very skilled inventor, very inspired.

So I thought, “Well, maybe this is better than an orgone accumulator,” but I knew what those were, and I had a lot of them. I slept in one, and it felt great. My daughter was with me, Nora, who I visited in New York. She was 13 at the time. She could see energy, so I made a piece of this, I asked her to look at it, and it was bright blue energy—just gobs of this energy coming out. Orgone accumulators didn’t have that much energy, so I put a crystal in it, and I asked her to tell me what the energy was doing. I would just hold it in my hand and I would think of where this energy would go and she would see a blue beam going to wherever I directed it. Very powerful, very powerful—more than you could do with a crystal. So I put some of this in the Zappers. The cure rate for everything went up, especially genital herpes, and I sent a bunch to a healer in Romania. [These] zappers … had some of this in there, and the crystal, and he was curing things like radiation sickness with it.

… There was a guy on his deathbed with radiation poisoning. He had been on a cleanup crew at Chernobyl, and he was on his deathbed with radiation poisoning and cancer. It cured the cancer, it cured his radiation poisoning. He walked out of there in like a week.

… This apparently transmutes bad radioactive energy, which Wilhelm Reich called “deadly orgone radiation.” I like to call it ether, subtle energy, or I’d call it orgone. Somebody else calls it prana, chi—a lot of different proprietary names. I like to call it ether. That’s what [Nikola] Tesla called it.

Oh yeah, before we get to that, in the Terminator I’ve got—a mentor of mine suggested, “If you put a red and a purple crystal in there, it’s going to cover all the chakras,” so I put a red crystal. He said, “You’re going to just paint them,” and then Carol said, “Why not just use a garnet and an amethyst?” Then that was much better. So I did that and [added] a mobius coil. A mobius coil and a magnet, these are all important elements. Every time I added one of those things, the cure rates for genital herpes increased, so by the time I got to the Terminator configuration, it was essentially 100 percent for men and women.

How long have you sold the Terminator Zapper?

Don Croft: Since 2000.

I understand there’s a Terminator 2 Zapper.

Don Croft: Oh yeah, we called it Terminator 2 at the beginning because I liked the joke. The “I promise not to kill anyone” line from the movie. It’s a hoot. … I call it Terminator on my site, but [distributors] call it Terminator 2 because the other distributors are calling it that, and they don’t want to be left behind.

I understand that in later years, you started introducing an even more powerful zapper, the T-Rx Zapper. That’s a special one you can’t order unless you’ve used a Terminator Zapper.

T-Rx Zapper beside a battery
Photographed is a T-Rx Zapper.

Don Croft: About seven years ago, six or seven years ago, Carol got it in her head to make an energy element for the zapper, for the orgonite bit in there. It’s a block of orgonite, and it’s a caduceus coil. She makes them by hand. She taught me [how] to make them. I can make them, too, but she does it with 17 gemstones that really have one pair for each chakra. I won’t say what they are, but one of the top ones. It kind of ties it all together—the big one. It was curing things that the Terminator wasn’t curing, but it was making emotionally unstable people feel uncomfortable.

So these are like control freaks, pathological control freaks and unbalanced people, and we were fortunate to see it. We were testing it where we were selling zappers. We got to test it before we marketed it, and you can tell when somebody is unstable by looking at them.

Every time one of them would put it on, they would just freak out. Not violently, but just immediately, they would give it back to us. I put a little caveat on the site to discourage that. Once in a while, one of them still buys one, and by god, they demand a refund within a week. It never fails, never fails.

You have a colorful, very interesting, harmonic protector.

Don Croft: This is Carol’s handiwork. Yeah, my brilliant wife.

Will you talk about what this does and some of the other wonderful pieces Carol makes?

Don Croft: In late 2001, the Death Tower proliferated all over the world, and by the millions and millions … there were these death towers that somehow came to be called cell towers. They don’t have much at all to do with cell phones, as far as I can tell, but they are weapons. They do make whole neighborhoods of people sick and depressed and crazy.

… That’s why we made that, ultimately, but Carol was concerned because she couldn’t go out anywhere around these towers without having a bad headache. People who are psychic are especially sensitive to this sort of weaponry. That’s one reason I’m glad that I’m not psychic.

She tried every protective pendant on the market. She bought them all.

You mean EMF pendants, right? Electromagnetic frequencies?

Harmonic Protector from Carol Croft
Photographed is a Harmonic Protector, made by Carol Croft.

Don Croft: Yeah, and I won’t name any, but none of it worked. I will say that the only one that came close to working was the E Crystal. … There’s something about that one. Somebody really achieved something, but it wasn’t good enough, and so she made this up. It’s orgonite, [and she] added a little coil. You can see it on her site. The coil design was given to her by her mentor and close friend on the solstice of 2001 near San Francisco.

We were there to put some orgonite. … We wanted to stop the slaughter there, the killings. The human sacrifices … . That was our first trip there, and that’s why we were there. Linda said, “Hey, why don’t you see what that coil will do?” We made one and put it in orgonite, and then the next day it showed up as a crop circle at Stonehenge. Right beside Stonehenge, a huge crop circle … .

There’s a good story about dolphins.

Don Croft: Oh yeah! This symbol here is a traditional protection symbol from Ireland called Nehalennia. Nehalennia is an entity to protect travelers. Her symbol is the three dolphins. Dolphins love orgonite; they love it. They crave it—dolphins and whales.

… Yeah, we have confirmation of this over and over again. Anytime somebody distributes orgonite, just this, in the sea where dolphins are being killed, that stops, right now. It doesn’t happen after that.

… Many of us have gone around and done that. The Africans have done it on the coasts of Kenya and Tanzania. Yeah, and there’s hoards of dolphins, all over now, and they were endangered. They’re everywhere now.

Don Croft enjoys a Cheezeberger Sandwich at Arnold's Way
Don Croft enjoys eating a Cheezeberger Sandwich at Arnold’s Way. He called it the best burger he ever had.
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