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Website Publishing and Book Publishing Services

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Brian Rossiter’s Website Publishing and Book Publishing Services Can Help You Bring Your Unique Voice to the World

Brian Rossiter has found a passion in publishing his website,, and magazine, Fruit-Powered Magazine, as well as self-publishing books. Brian Rossiter knows how exciting it can be to bring your unique perspective to the world! Through his Website Publishing and Book Publishing Services, Brian Rossiter guides fledgling website and book creators all the way to world-renowned veteran website and book creators.

Website Publishing

Brian Rossiter has published since mid-2012. Brian Rossiter is experienced in WordPress content creation and publishing as well as finding solutions to improve the look, feel and performance of websites. He is also well-versed in popular social media and email marketing platforms.

Brian Rossiter built from scratch and is also the webmaster of, for which he also serves as social media manager and newsletter publisher and video producer.

I Can Assist With Website Publishing in the Following Ways:

  • Creating and launching your WordPress website.
  • Installing the most critical and helpful plugins to help you get the most out of your website.
  • Creating a personalized screen recording so you know how you can create content and manage your website.
  • Setting you up with an email marketing service and developing your first newsletter.
  • Setting you up with social media accounts on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, MeWe, Twitter and YouTube as well as Google My Business.
  • Writing and editing copy for your website based on an interview Brian Rossiter conducts with you and/or provided notes.
  • Shooting, editing and producing YouTube video(s).

Book Publishing and Editing

Brian Rossiter has written and self-published six books and published, edited and/or proofread 10 other books since 2012. Brian Rossiter has also created, published, edited, written for and marketed Fruit-Powered Magazine, a natural health magazine and the leading raw vegan magazine.

Before launching and publishing books, Brian Rossiter was a newspaper and magazine copy editor, page designer and reporter. He also worked in marketing and public relations as well as in publications, writing for digital and print audiences. Brian Rossiter boasts an inordinate amount of experience for his age, propelled by six newspaper internships while studying journalism at Penn State University and having written and edited professionally since he was 18 years old in 1996. He wrote his 1,000th newspaper article at just 25 years old.

Brian Rossiter can also manage simple book cover and interior design but can recommend a top-flight designer for advanced work along with digital and print graphics and other marketing assets.

I Can Assist with Book Publishing, Editing and Proofreading in the Following Ways:

  • Explaining how you can launch your project as an ebook and/or paperback book and even sell it on the Amazon store
  • Inspiring and guiding you to develop and focus your book’s narrative using a powerful, time-saving web application
  • Heavy editing to light proofreading for clear voice, flow, style, accuracy, consistency, conciseness and readability
  • Taking your raw book copy and polishing it until it sparkles and shines

Getting Started with Brian Rossiter’s Website Publishing and Book Publishing Services

Please contact me via the form below with Website Publishing and Book Publishing Services inquiries. Brian Rossiter looks forward to learning about your project and how he can best help you!


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