Recipe for Tropical Smoothie from John Fallucca

Tropical Smoothie

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John Fallucca shares his recipe for Tropical Smoothie. John was born and raised in the Philadelphia area. He enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, seeing live bands, traveling and thrilling adventures geared to push him past his personal limits. After experiencing the negative effects of the standard American diet, he decided to make a major lifestyle change in regard to diet and nutrition.

The transition was an eye-opening experience, as he continued to improve the more he incorporated a greater percentage of raw foods into his diet. From his experience, it is clear that it makes perfect sense to eat a raw food diet.



  • Blend and enjoy!

Recipe for Tropical Smoothie in blended form from John Fallucca

John Fallucca is photographed after going produce shopping

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John Fallucca is photographed at Raw Experience 4 at Arnold's Way on August 16, 2014

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