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Dr. Samuel Mielcarski’s Top 5 Tips to Recover from an Injury or Illness

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Dr. Samuel A. Mielcarski shares his Top 5 Tips to recover from an injury or illness.

You were given the gift of life. Dr. SAM reveals how to give yourself the gift of living well. As a health and wellness specialist, Dr. SAM has empowered thousands of people of all ages to overcome various health challenges. Dr. SAM’s 17 years of clinical experience as a licensed physical therapist has allowed him to gain valuable insight for guiding and coaching others toward having a better quality of life. His unique RAW-habilitationTM system of health and wellness is not only safe, affordable and easy to follow but provides people with a true “quick fix!” He is the author of Dr. SAM’s Revolutionary Rehab Manual and Feel Good Now!, a speaker and health retreat facilitator as well as a leader in the raw food lifestyle.

Dr. SAM’s dedication to helping others combined with his sense of humor and practical health advice have made him a highly sought-after health and wellness consultant. Dr. SAM’s guidance may not only change your life, it may even save it!

1. Health comes from healthy living. Health doesn’t come from a magic potion, pill, drug, ointment or concoction from antiquity. Health can’t be bought or found; it must be earned! Therefore, the best way to help your body recover from an illness or injury is to live in the most healthful manner possible. Which is the same premise that should be followed when not injured or ill as well. Healing is a 24-hour process; it can’t just be for only one hour a day. Therefore, what you do outside of rehab also counts as rehab time.

2. Healing is a biological (natural) process. The body is automatically programmed to heal itself. Although the healing process can’t really be accelerated, there are plenty of things that can interfere with it and slow it down. For example, it will be difficult to recover from an injury or illness optimally if you’re also trying to recover from a poor diet, insufficient rest and sleep, a lack of fresh air and sunshine, negative attitudes and emotions, stressful work, bad relationships, poor hygiene, etc.

3. The body works correctly when treated correctly. The body will act properly in relation to the conditions that it must contend with. Once injured or ill, the body must handle the intensive task of healing, plus anything else that is stacked on top of this laborious task. Therefore, you can either make it harder for your body to act properly by interfering with its operations or you can assist your body during the healing process by furnishing it with the correct things. Note: When emergency medical care is needed, it should be obtained.

Dr. Samuel Mielcarski poses with a group from a RAW-habilitation Retreat

4. Your health and healing will only be as strong as your weakest link(s). There are no good substitutes for the health essentials, and you can’t make up for a lack of one health essential by implementing more of another one. If you desire optimal recovery from an injury or illness as well as optimal health and well-being on a continual basis, these various “health essentials” are a must:

  • Good nutrition (a proper diet, and the ability to utilize this diet)
  • Fresh air (including quality of air breathed and how it is breathed)
  • Clean water (for drinking and bathing)
  • Sunshine or natural light (on all parts of the body)
  • Rest and sleep (rest should be physical, mental, emotional and spiritual)
  • Exercise and activity (that is noninjurious to the body)
  • Proper hygiene (cleanliness both inside and outside your body)
  • Loving relationships (with self, others and nature)

5. An absence of pain doesn’t necessarily mean the body is well. Pain is often a symptom of a problem, not a problem itself. Therefore, when pain goes away, especially through artificial means (pain suppression), this doesn’t mean the body has healed. Problems moving and functioning can often exist in the absence of pain. In regards to restoring optimal function, a rehab approach should seek to identify and correct the key areas of dysfunction, whether or not they are painful. This will not only help to provide optimal healing results but also optimal health results as well, including avoidance of similar or more severe problems in the future. The goal is to get well and stay well.

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