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Reny Kattel’s Top 5 Tips for Discovering Your Own Perfect Style of Eating

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Cover of Simply Vibrant Recipes by Reny and Jesse BogdanovichReny Kattel shares her Top 5 Tips for discovering your own perfect style of eating. Reny is a sparkling health and fitness enthusiast. She holds a master’s degree in graphical design and loves photography, dancing, yoga, creating simple and balanced raw vegan recipes and digging into the latest research on health and fitness, trying it on herself and sharing her experience with others. She is a co-author of an award-winning book, Simply Vibrant Recipes.

After years of dieting for weight loss, at the age of 27, Reny got kidney and liver inflammation, very dry skin, annoying infections and other ailments. This turned her attention from weight loss to health. That’s when she discovered the raw vegan lifestyle, in spring 2005. Not only did it heal most of her health challenges but keeps her weight down naturally, without deprivation and compromising her health. Today, at 37, after nine years of being raw vegan, she feels better than ever and is eager to share this knowledge with everyone who is interested.

1. Before the meal, take a deep breath and keep your attention on your feelings.

2. During your meal, listen to your belly more than your mouth.

3. Notice how you feel after a particular meal in a few hours and on a next day.

4. Take other factors in consideration—stress levels, other meals, exercise, sleep, etc.

5. Experiment until you find your own perfect way to eat and adjust as needed.

Reny Kattel and Jesse Bogdanovich are photographed in a wooded area
Reny Kattel and partner Jesse Bogdanovich are photographed embracing in a wooded area.

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