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Rawthenticity's Lori Weiss and Nicole Gregg relaxing on a beach

Rawthenticity’s Top 5 Tips for Living a Rawthentic Life

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Lori Weiss and Nicole Gregg share Rawthenticity’s Top 5 Tips For Living a Rawthentic Life. “We define ‘rawthenticity’ as living our lives in a fully raw way, both with our food and with the exposure of who we are,” Lori and Nicole say. “We believe that this is necessary for us to live our happiest, healthiest lives.”

Lori Weiss is a certified raw food nutrition specialist, raw vegan chef, certified personal trainer and co-founder of Rawthenticity with her girlfriend, Nicole Gregg. With Rawthenticity, she helps people live their happiest, healthiest lives. She received a bachelor of arts in linguistics and English (cultural studies) from McGill University and M.B.A. in marketing and management from HEC Montreal. She is a dual American–Canadian citizen who loves traveling the world as well as the depths of her mind, body and soul.

Nicole Gregg is a truth seeker and commits her life to health and happiness. Her journey in developing a greater sense of self-love has opened her up to different avenues of healing, growing, evolving and expressing her authentic message with the world. She has a B.A. in psychology and is certified as a raw food nutrition specialist, yoga teacher and intuitive life coach. She is a co-founder of Rawthenticity and genuinely loves having a positive impact on the lives of others. Everything she does for herself is with an intention to be of service to others.

Enjoy Rawthenticity’s Top 5 Tips for Living a Rawthentic Life by Lori Weiss and Nicole Gregg

1. Quiet your mind. There are so many outside voices and internal ones that crowd the mind from hearing the voice of the true self: the simple, loving, clear voice that guides us in a direction of health and happiness. In order to tap into our inner selves, we believe it is of utmost importance to find peace and to take this time every day, as we do with brushing our teeth and other common daily practices. We start every morning with a 20-minute meditation that helps us transition into our waking day.

2. Listen to your intuition. We all have a space in our minds and bodies that knows exactly what we need. As we quiet our minds, this intuitive guidance will start to influence us to think about or make other choices, ones that improve the quality of our lives. This internal compass guides us into our heart and allows us to meet our true, natural needs. The more we listen to the guidance we receive from this deeper part of ourselves, the more this voice will feel trusted to speak louder than old habits and emotions that don’t serve us in moving forward.

Rawthenticity's Lori Weiss holds jackfruit
Lori Weiss holds jackfruit in a market.

3. Eat an abundance of raw food. Raw food is the most natural food, and it is perfectly structured for the human body to consume. The more raw foods we eat, the more we align with the natural flow of life. One might notice that, when a person practices meditation or yoga or something else that holds the ability to shift us into the present moment, this person may also make healthful eating choices. This is because the intuitive voice starts to become louder when the mind starts to become quieter. Eating an abundance of raw food is something that people are commonly guided to by their own intuition and as they start to question societal norms. Society and modern culture have strayed from the natural evolution of food and eating habits, but by rediscovering our original human design and getting in touch with our internal compass, we uncover the truth behind what our bodies need and ask for.

4. Love yourself. As we make a conscious decision to live happier, healthier lives, we realize that this is our way of practicing self-love. Loving ourselves is the root of all happiness and love. It is the key that enables us to make continuous and committed choices that serve our highest good. When we listen to our inner guidance, we acknowledge, nurture and love our true self inside.

5. Stay true to yourself. As we choose to live a life that is in alignment with our true self, we might feel unsupported or misunderstood from people who are not on the same page. It is especially once we make these “rawthentic” steps that we realize how different we may become from others around us. As we stay committed to our path of love and light, however, we are able to serve our true purpose in the world. We believe that being the person we are born to be in the world is the most productive thing we can go. It is our gift to the world to live our intended purpose. And if we didn’t, it would be like hiding the best gift in the world in a corner, never letting the world see it. We are all here with a unique message that allows us to make the influence that the world needs to evolve.

Rawthenticity's Lori Weiss and Nicole Gregg look at each other

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