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Make Good on Your Promise to Eat Healthfully

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Insight From Natural Health Headers - Raw Food and Health by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

It was about late January several years in my 20s and early 30s when my New Year’s resolution to get healthier—stop smoking and drinking and start exercising—would drift to my rearview mirror and then slip out sight entirely come February 1. When I was on the standard American diet, I just didn’t have the ambition and zest for life I have today, leading a low-fat raw food diet.

These days, I’m eager—eager, I tell you!—to tackle any challenge I set for myself, and my drive is so boundless I need three of me to get done what I’d like to do in a given time period. I want everyone to feel this amped up, this empowered!

Green smoothieEating more raw fruits and vegetables can produce wondrous results in you, and these positive changes—from drive to pursue a passion to bottomless energy and clear thinking—don’t take long to realize. I understand not everyone is ready to dive in headfirst to a raw food diet overnight, though. I had eight months of consuming green smoothies to help propel me into my first month raw, in January 2011. I made it through the month sticking to an all-raw diet but didn’t truly succeed. For almost all folks, a transition is best, and this transition may last weeks, months or even years, depending on a person’s appetite for peak health and raw bliss.

I got to thinking a few months back that if the average person on the standard American diet were to enjoy a smoothie and salad—two staples from a raw fooder’s menu—every day for a short period of time, a lot more people would entertain the idea of going vegan and mostly or wholly raw. They’d find out quickly how delicious, light on and hydrating for the body a raw food diet can be!

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I make smoothies such as Orange-Strawberry Twist and salads such as Pizza Salad with Savory Marinara Sauce and Sunflower Seed “Cheese” almost every day. I crave these nourishing, life-giving meals and don’t ever get tired of smoothies and salads!

Cover of A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies 'n' Salads by Brian RossiterI wrote A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies ‘n’ Salads to connect with the mainstream, to show that smoothies and salads are not only sweet and savory but simple to prepare and satisfying to taste buds and the belly. The notion that a raw food diet is full of “rabbit food” such as carrots, sprouts and dehydrated fare is a picture out of its frame, and it’s high time to show our natural, species-specific diet is full of mostly luscious fruits that light up our cells and transform our lives!

If you haven’t yet lived up to your promise to yourself or you’re late to kick off your New Year’s resolution to eat healthfully or get your feet wet with a raw food diet, pick up A Taste of Raw Food: 7 Days of Smoothies ‘n’ Salads to help you supercharge your life starting today! There’s no time like the present to give yourself the gift of renewed life!

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