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Louise Koch’s Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Health Back

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Louise Koch of Copenhagen, Denmark, shares her Top 5 Tips for getting your health back. Louise is a certified coach, television journalist, speaker, author and teacher and has written several books in Danish on how to regain your health naturally with a diet and lifestyle change. She is the editor of and the Danish website, She broadcasts tips and tricks for a raw vegan lifestyle on her YouTube channel, Fruity Louise.

“If your health is not what you would like it to be, here are my five best tips for getting it back on track,” Louise says.

  1. Change your diet to a low-fat raw vegan diet that follows the 80/10/10 guidelines. That means eating primarily fruit, lots of greens and veggies and very little nuts and seeds. The more fruit the better, but make sure to keep the fat intake extremely low and get enough calories from fruit so you don’t get tired and underweight. Expect a lot of detox and things like flu symptoms, an upset stomach or headaches in the beginning. It is a very normal part of the process, and things will start to get better afterward.
  2. Drink a lot of water and, preferably, cleaned water like reverse osmosis or distilled water. Make sure that you drink so that your urine is light yellow or completely clear, and drink one liter of water first thing in the morning when you wake up. Being hydrated will make you feel so much better and help your body detox.
  3. Make green smoothies at least once a day. Green smoothies consist of fruit, greens and water and will help your health tremendously. You can use ingredients such as iceberg lettuce, baby spinach, kale, arugula, romaine lettuce and even edible weeds from your garden, etc. Your body will simply love to get minerals, fiber and protein from the greens, and when you blend them with fruit, the meal tastes sweet and delicious. You will probably also experience some detox symptoms when you start drinking green smoothies, but the results on the other side are truly worth waiting for.
  4. Remove all pollutants from your food and environment. This means that you should eat preferably organic food with no colorings, pesticides or additives of any kind. You should also try to use as few health-care products as possible, as they contain chemicals that will enter your bloodstream and drain your health. So instead of cream and makeup remover, you can, for example, use an organic cold-pressed coconut oil, and instead of perfume, you can use an essential oil. Anything that is not natural to your body needs to be eliminated by the liver, and that energy is better spent on healing.
  5. Exercises for positive thinking is an absolute must if you are ill because disease has a very hard time thriving in a body with a happy mind. Therefore, do a positive rant in the morning when you wake up. That means thinking of all the positive things in your life that you can possibly come up with such as: “I really appreciate that I have this friend” or “I’m so happy for my warm and cozy bed” or “I love that the birds are singing, and it is weekend.” Continue for as long as possible, and make sure to truly feel happy and appreciative when you do the exercise. That way, you will start your day in the best possible way, and if you do it consistently for a longer period of time, you will get amazing results.

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Louise Koch with a large amount of fruit

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