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Julie Kersey posing in a garden

Julie Kersey’s Top 5 Tips for a More Peaceful Day

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Julie Kersey, 27, shares her Top 5 Tips for a more peaceful day. Julie is originally from Georgia and now lives outside Mexico City, where she and Matthew David are helping develop a system of year-round sustainability and home-grown food production. They are also helping teach children in an orphanage school the basic aspects of education and about nutrition, plants, composting and other lifestyle and culture topics. Julie and Matthew’s website is the former

  1. Begin your day by reflecting inward and focusing on your breath and expanding it.
  2. Hydrate.
  3. Practice adding movement to the beginning of your day in whatever form you enjoy.
  4. Allow your body to finish its digestion process from the previous day before you start eating again. I try to give my stomach a break from digestion by fasting for at least 16 hours during the evening. By eating an early dinner and not eating again the next day until about noon, I find that this has helped my digestion in many aspects. And, of course, you must do what feels right to you.
  5. Try to observe your thoughts and actions throughout the day and decide whether you are acting in a conscious way. If your choices are not helping you to be joyful in the moment, try to change them. These decisions can be as simple as not washing a dish and instead taking a moment to step back and observe yourself and why you feel obligated to do this action. I’ve found that in circumstances when my heart was resisting the actions that my body and mind were performing, I’ve ended up straining my back and injuring myself. If I had taken a step back and acknowledged and followed through with my heart’s desires, I could have prevented a great deal of pain.

Julie Kersey sitting on her knees in a garden

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