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Jay Kaiser’s Top 10 Tips for Health

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Jay Kaiser, a.k.a. Jay Yogi, shares his Top 10 Tips for Health. Jay is a chef of fermented raw foods and founder of the raw vegan superfood community Terra Frutis. Jay grew up on an organic farm in Washington state, and after serving a brief stint in the military, he attended Long Beach State University, where he obtained a bachelor of arts degree in biology, and then Cal State University at Dominguez Hills, where he was awarded a master of science degree in cytogenetics.

Burned out by too much microscopy work, Jay ran his own software company in the 1990s. This career later gave way to real estate development, and, in 2010, raw food cheffing, reflexology and holistic counseling after studying under good friend and mentor, Lou Corona, an advocate of the four principles of cellular communication, environment, nutrition and exercise. Check out Jay’s recipes by friending him on Facebook and keep up to date on all progress at Terra Frutis.

1. Stay away from all processed, heat-treated, nonorganic and cooked food, which significantly diminishes nutritional and enzymatic content.

2. Make your own food (or have a loved one do it for you)! You only get as much love out of food as what you put into it, and if you’re too busy to do this, perhaps it’s time for a life change.

Jay Kaiser samples dehydrated chips
Jay Kaiser and a friend sample dehydrated chips.

3. When you eat your food is as important as what you eat. In the morning, I typically flush and detoxify with a lemon ginger-beet kvass blast and then don’t eat until noon, when I actually break my fast with some fruit to hydrate (and put the “H” in the HCl of my stomach acid), followed by my main meal of the day (for example, raw pizza topped with cultured nut “cheese” and fermented kale smoothie). This allows for ketogenic (fat) burning to continue throughout the morning whereas if I had eaten a large breakfast of fruit in the morning, this fat burning would be disrupted due to the higher sugar levels. Exceptions to skipping breakfast might include those who work heavy manual-labor jobs. The last meal of the day should be a light salad or liquid meal preferably before 7 p.m. in order to wind down and let your body concentrate its energies on regenerative sleep other than the digestive process.

4. Stress management and sleep between the top regenerative hours of 10 p.m. to 2 p.m. are crucial for optimum health! Free-radical removal is peak during these times and helps reduce stress on all body systems. No matter how good your diet is, your immune system will lock up and not function effectively if you are stressed out!

5. Enzymes are a huge aid in digestion! Crops in North America are running 25 to 75 percent enzyme-deficient due to improper crop rotation and limited fertilizer application (typically three fertilizers are used out of 200!). So it is important for those not growing their own food to supplement with strong and raw, plant-based enzymes when consuming fats and proteins.

A Sunday brunch at Terra Frutis
Jay describes this colorful platter as a regular Sunday brunch at Terra Frutis.

6. Fermentation of foods containing high proteins and fats unlocks the amino and fatty acids from these foods, allowing for greater absorption in the small intestine, where most nutrients are assimilated. Vitamin B12, among many others, are a byproduct of this process. Kimchi, beet kvass, vegetable kefir and “yogurts” made from almonds, walnuts or pumpkin or hemp seeds are among my favorites. Be sure to soak your nuts overnight in sea salt to diminish phytic acids and deactivate enzyme inhibitors.

7. Sprouts have 10 to 30 times more nutrients that their mature counterparts and are cheap and easy to grow. Just soak for five to 20 hours, depending on the sprout, in water with sea salt added and then rinse and drain. Twenty-four to 72 hours later, you have nutritious and instant food that will easily last a week or two in a fridge and, if dehydrated, the same length outside the fridge. My favorites include mung beans, wheatgrass, chickpeas, broccoli, buckwheat, quinoa, adzuki and black lentils.

8. Supplementation plays a vital role, especially for those in an urban environment. When in the city and not in my pristine community of Terra Frutis, I daily ingest a raw multivitamin, iodine (for radiation from Fukushima), algae-based DHA and Astaxanthin, Vitamin D, CoQ10, amino acids, proteins and fermented resveratrol. All must be raw, live-plant sourced for maximum absorption.

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9. Fasting and calorie restriction have been proven effective for longevity in countless studies. Many fruitarians might not want to hear this, but when it comes to eating, less is more! In other words: Eat less to live longer to eat more! Excessive sugar in the blood increases glycation, in which proteins or lipids bond with sugars, thus impairing the function of biomolecules. Fructose and galactose have 10 times the glycation activity of glucose. Which is why I try to limit my intake of fructose to about 25 grams per day (one mango or five bananas will fulfill that amount).

Coconuts are high in glucose (pure fuel for the body), so I always use their meat and juice as the base in my fermented nut “yogurts” and green smoothies. Smoothies and juices I balance with about 75 percent greens to 25 percent fruits (for example, mango, banana, pomegranate and lemon) as the fermentation will lower the sugar level to an optimum 15 percent or so and reduce the high oxalic acids of the dino kale and other powerful greens I utilize. Remember, the body runs on micro-nutrients and electricity, not on calories. Which is why I am able to consume less than half the calories most would consider bare minimum for survival—600—while maintaining a 200-pound frame.

10. Balance, above all else, is something we often forget in the concrete jungle most of us find ourselves in, so always keep these four principles at the forefront of your mind:

  • Positive thought with little or no stinking thinking
  • Communing with nature (grounding, sunlight, gardening).
  • Yoga, rebounding, acupressure and dynamic movement.
  • Raw living foods supplemented with proteins, enzymes and probiotics. We at Terra Frutis can help you achieve this balance if you are willing to give our rent-free superfood community a try!

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