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Freelee’s Top 10 Tips for Health

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Freelee runs, the world’s leading high-carb raw vegan forum, and broadcasts videos to her main YouTube channel‘s tens of thousands of subscribers. She went raw vegan in 2007 and leads a low-fat, fruit-based raw vegan diet. She is the author of Go Fruit Yourself. Freelee also publishes

“Eating enough fruit is vital if I want to look and feel my best,” Freelee says. “If I’m running low on fructose, then my mental state suffers and so does my all-around productivity.”

1. Bananas are the most perfect food on the planet.

2. Fruit is far superior for health than cooked food (including high-carb), but cooked carbs won’t kill me!

3. Proper food combining is “absofruitly” essential for looking and feeling my best.

4. There are a lot of hucksters in the movement who just want your cash. Learn who they are and avoid them.

5. If I have excess fat on a regular basis, my nails will break and eye whites will fog up.

6. Around and during my period, I need to eat at least 500 more calories a day from fruit.

7. If I get consistently undercarbed, or undereat, the “biatch” emerges. I don’t do particularly well on fewer than 2,500 calories a day.

8. I have learnt the importance of surrounding myself with empowering people and how that benefits my whole being, even down to my digestion.

9. I thought I knew but really had no idea how important carbs are to getting lean and staying fit and healthy.

10. If I don’t take care of my basic needs like sleep, water and sugar, then I will be compromised physically and mentally.

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