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Enjoying Halloween Without Candy

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The Best in Family Health by Karen Ranzi - Fruit-Powered Magazine

My children are grown now, ages 27 and 24. I still remember every year how I dreaded the thought of my children trick-or-treating with their friends on the Candy Holiday: Halloween.

It was never easy for me, as I so wanted to raise healthy children, even enjoying Halloween without candy. I learned that one cannot raise a healthy child in today’s processed and refined food world unless some incredible imagination and motivation are used. Think of all the parties our children are exposed to during the year. Halloween, for me, was the most intense of all.

There are the Halloween parties at school and out with friends and the trick-or-treating, which often involves eating massive amounts of health-destroying, chemical-laden, highly marketed candies of all sorts. I did not want to isolate my children. I wanted them to enjoy the beautiful costumes and the fun spirit, but I knew that once they started eating the toxic candies, they would quickly become addicted.

Jack o' lanterns on the ground, surrounded by leaves

I had to create a gift that would be motivating to replace the candy. When they returned home with bags filled with candy, I dumped it immediately and presented their gift or a gift slip with a special event written on it. So each year, I came up with a new idea. One year it would be a desired book, the next it would be a sports toy, or a special trip we would take that week.

I piled a tray with coins, toys and other items as my trick-or-treat offering and let my children hand them out. When we as parents set this healthy model, we are helping our children understand the harm of such poisonous food substances.

The children who visited our house for candy were surprised and often pleased to receive attractive-colored pencils, coins, spider rings, fake witch nails, mini basketballs, masks, colorful necklaces and more. Many children looked forward to visiting our house above all. My YouTube video of me dressed in my bumblebee costume will show you some of the fun trinkets I pass out each year.

Watch to See Special Treats Karen Gives out on Halloween

These Are a Few of the Positive Comments I’ve Received

“Great ideas Karen! This is the first year that I won’t be giving out candy, and honestly this is so much more fun!”
—Mango Mama

“Love the outfit, and I think you delighted in those necklaces as much as the littlies will have done!” 🙂

“You look delightful in your costume! Thanks for the non-food ideas! I’ve been giving out boxed raisins and fruit leather for many years.”
—Awesome Rawsome Lifestyle

When we prepare healthy treats for Halloween, our children can join in, enjoy and remain vibrant.

I see children who eat candy followed by demonstrations of erratic behavior, poor concentration and hyperactivity. This was me as a child, bringing home five bags of candy after trick-or-treating. No wonder I ended up with a mouthful of mercury fillings and experienced years of brain fog.

My intern Nicole searched for healthy and fun raw Halloween treats. She got some excellent ideas but changed them to create her own healthy raw versions. These treats would be fun and healthy to prepare with our children for Halloween: Apple Mouths and Pepper Pumpkins.

Recipe for Apple Mouths from Karen Ranzi

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Recipe for Pepper Pumpkins from Karen Ranzi

Check out Karen’s Pepper Pumpkins recipe!

Jack-o'-lanterns-displayed in a park

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Recipe for Halloween Ghosts from Karen Ranzi

Check out Karen’s Halloween Ghosts recipe!

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