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Changing the World One Person at a Time

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

It’s one of those long summer nights, where everything is about to turn black, with the lights out and voices of nature in the background acting as our guardian angels, wishing for a better day. We site here in quiet redemption, waiting for tomorrow’s light. I sit here in quiet silence, thinking of what it takes to be 67 years old and live continuously in a joyous state. It’s a time when those of similar age remember days past.

The days of school. My first memory is the first grade. I remember my teacher’s name and what she looked like. One whole year in first grade—with her 180 days—and the only thing I can remember is her name and what she looked like. Nothing else. It is on this note that I will continue.

Here is a list of reasons why this is the best year ever:

  • I don’t have to impress anyone.
  • I learned that getting there faster is no big deal.
  • It does not always have to be my way. There may be others’ paths.
  • I feel comfortable wearing clothes that don’t match.
  • I still feel as if I have not physically peaked.
  • I average 15 to 20 hugs a day from women and men.
  • I created a plan to change the world, and it’s working.
  • I still have endless energy, working 12 to 15 hours daily and rarely tiring.

I have fact after fact. I am living life and loving life. My life works in the moment, creating challenges. This is where I begin, explaining the moment, creating challenges and living the happiness of being in love with who I am and what I do.

The words "Love yourself" in block letters

I live in a world of passion and possibilities. I live in a world where my food choices are simple, with almost no work, no cleanup and hardly any dishes to do. My food choices are based on fuel, not entertainment. I choose mostly bananas as my food base, eating anywhere from 10 to 15 per day. Each banana is about 90 to 110 calories each. Add 2 to 3 ounces of dates, with each ounce equaling about 80 calories. Add two avocados, with each more than 300 calories. This is most of my daily intake of food. Day in and day out.

I don’t think. I don’t prepare. I just do.

As I get older, I have learned it’s not about the food and not about the exercise or anything else but my commitment to my passion. A commitment to be the best I can. A commitment to life. It is on these values that I operate. I am on a roll—and not a hot dog.

I think about being 67 as a beginning with no limitation, no boundaries. Because of my simple diet of eating mostly fruits—with my focus on bananas, dates and avocados—my energy is literally endless. I am able to work 12 to 15 hours a day without stopping—literally.

As I live, I am superexcited. As I live, I am also, for whatever reason, obligated to share my joy, my life, my hope for a better world with everyone! So I inspire myself and create my own paths, truth and way of creating a better world, free of disease and war. In my innocence, I know, deep within my soul, that all things are possible. So I think of what is. I think of what little changes that could happen. I am divinely inspired to do something to create a world with no crime and no disease. Where people at the age of 67 realize that the best days are ahead of them mentally and physically and not behind them. That today as well as tomorrow, life is on the upswing.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

This is my passion. This is what I have no choice but to share. Share with senior citizens who, by the time they reach 40 years old, their decline has already begun. So by age 67, their aches are more pronounced. Their pill-taking is a a continual reminder that being young is a thing of the past.

It is with knowing what lies ahead for those my age and and those older that I share. It is with knowing that I’m living radiantly beyond what many my age live and living with exceeding excitement that I share. I have no choice but to share with everyone, for I know the consequences.

Cancer affects 99 percent of those who are on the standard American diet. One hundred percent of boys born by 2032 will have autism. These are the known facts. I promise myself to those I know and those I don’t know that my mission is divinely created from these facts. According to what I believe, disease is caused by our body’s reaction to an accumulation of toxic material. Remove the cause, and the body will do whatever it can to heal itself.

So I begin my own healing to share with others. As owner of a raw vegan café, I know the changes that can happen to anyone who changes their lifestyle from a standard American diet to a mostly vegan raw diet. I have seen the results over and over. Not once, not a hundred but thousands and thousands of times, these healing success stories. In my 22 years of business, I have seen miraculous recoveries such as from brain cancer to vibrant health. Story after story.

So I take the glory of possibilities and create my own glory. I can make a difference no matter how small the changes are. I begin my commitment, my plan, my passion. My goals keep me moving onward and upward. If things will change, then change has to become a possibility that “the way it is” has to become “the way it could be.”

Low-Fat Spaghetti at Arnold's Way
Starting in September 2014, participants in the 30-Day Raw Challenge at Arnold’s Way receive a menu item such as Low-Fat Spaghetti and a 16-ounce green smoothie for free ($99 deposit returned as café credit) if they attend at least three out of four Tuesday night classes and eat at the café 20 times. The Challenge is Arnold’s way of changing the world one person at a time.

For 20 months, I have offered the 30-Day Raw Challenge. It’s a value of $450, but I’ve offered it for $99 so those who have participated become so transformed that their bodies won’t allow them to go back to the old ways. More than 400 people have taken the Challenge. The impact was greatest when they were given their money back. In return, they had to attend the weekly meetings plus eat at the café at least 20 times a month.

My friends, that’s the secret. That’s when the healing results are superaccelerated. That is why I have no choice in the matter.

Beginning September 1, 2014, and every month thereafter, I will offer everyone and anyone a month’s worth of green smoothies plus any meal off the menu every day. This is a $450 value for $99, and at the completion of the program, if you’ve met all the requirements, you get your money back in café credit.

This, my friends, is how things change! By influencing just one person, who gets seriously transformed, he or she, in turn, will influence hundreds of others. This, my friends, is my plan month after month. In a few months, everyone in Lansdale [Pennsylvania] will know the raw vegan way. They will know that there is another option for healing and to improve athletic performance. For a second opinion. For just wanting to feel better and not so tired.

This program works. It is supercheap and set up in such a way that there are no arguments, no questions on how effective it is. I have hundreds of success stories. There are more raw vegan healing success stories coming out of Arnold’s Way than any other place in the world. As great as that may seem, I feel as if it’s not enough. For whatever reason, I take personal responsibility for all the diseases, all the cancer, all the illnesses, all the wars, all the killings.

Hands holding earth against a white background

I say to myself, “If they only knew.” That’s how I run my life, my story, my every thought. Why? I do not know. Why am I so obsessed with wanting to be the savior, for lack of a better word? It is on this note that I work so many hours, where work and social life intertwine so closely, where there is almost no difference. As if there is no light in-between.

We laugh. We cry. We think. We wonder what’s important and what’s not. I am totally in the flow of sharing my life’s thoughts on a Thursday evening.

Till we meet again.

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