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Anthea Frances Falkiner’s Top 5 Tips for Transitioning to a Raw Food Diet

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Anthea Frances Falkiner shares her Top 5 Tips for transitioning to a raw food diet. Profoundly healed from a myriad of health issues, Anthea set out on a quest to help others regain their health and lives through the power of raw fruits and vegetables. She learned that a raw food diet doesn’t have to be complicated, that fruits and vegetables, simply prepared, are man and woman’s preferred and optimal diet.

As a writer, teacher and mother, teaching others about the incredible benefits of a fruit-based raw food diet is her absolute passion, and she does this through one-on-one health coaching and her numerous entertaining articles on, YouTube at Anthea Frances Falkiner and social media.

Dr. Doug Graham flexes his biceps outside1. Recognise that your transition has its own time scale. Some people go raw overnight and never go back to cooked (they’re very rare). Some people take years (like Doug Graham, by the way), and some might always include a little cooked food in their diet. Embrace your journey. It’s your hero quest, and no one else’s.

2. Discipline your mind. You mind will gravitate toward what it has been culturally conditioned for. You need to work against that constantly in the beginning. It’s hard work, but it’s absolutely worthwhile.

3. Build a fortress. Protect your decision to change your diet in the beginning. Allow yourself a few months not to go out socially until you feel stronger. When you do go out, you don’t need to tell people what you’re doing. You don’t need to justify or defend your choices to anyone. Avoid confrontation completely, and don’t evangelise. Set a silent but vibrant example.

4. Spend time educating yourself so you can fortify your commitment to your health, but take care to choose your sources carefully. Many of us need to go on a media diet as well as a raw food diet. If you decide you want to go completely raw, then stop listening to Raw Till 4 messages. If you listen to two conflicting messages, you will get confused and keep changing your diet, which is really harmful to the body. In the not too distant future, you’ll find the confidence you need to stand behind your choices, and then you will begin to inspire people.

5. Fruit-up. Make fruit the main source of your calories. Instead of eating those nuts when you’re feeling hungry, have a bit more fruit and then see how you feel. I guarantee your body will thank you for it. Simplifying your meals to one or two fruits at the most will stop your tastebuds from taking over your mind! Variety in the meal is a really bad idea. Not only is there more potential for poor combinations, it will encourage you to overeat every single time. Just watch what happens next time you have a meal with more than three ingredients. You’ll still be hunting around for some other flavor, even when you know you’re full.


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