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Anastasia Voss wears a No-Meat Athlete T-shirt

Anastasia Voss’ Top 5 Tips for Running a Marathon As a Raw Vegan

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Anastasia Voss shares her Top 5 Tips for Running a Marathon As a Raw Vegan. Anastasia is the CEO of the natural foods marketing company Double Helix Marketing, a raw vegan author and speaker, YouTube personality and event organizer who will help you to transition to a vegan lifestyle and “live the life you want to lead.”

Besides overcoming an eating disorder through a raw vegan lifestyle, Anastasia is an active world traveler and constantly pursues becoming her best. She ran the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromsø, Norway, cycled through the Adirondack Mountains on a 500-mile bicycle tour and fasted for 32 days in Costa Rica on water alone, among other fun adventures. She also wrote The AnastasiaRaw Uncook Book to help others thrive on a raw vegan diet more easily and shares her experiences on her AnastasiaRaw YouTube channel.

1. Pick a race that excites you or one to travel to and give yourself at least three months to train, depending on your history. I picked the Midnight Sun Marathon in Norway. You pick one that you’ll be proud you did. The more you can involve others for fun and accountability, the more fun your experience will be, especially as a raw vegan!

2. Make a daily plan calendar to train according to a marathon training program. Follow it and achieve your progressive goals. As a vegan, your body recovers a lot more quickly (as long as you’re also hydrating, resting and eating enough). Common sense is required a bit here.

Anastasia Voss plays guitar at The Woodstock Fruit Festival
Anastasia Voss engages in another passion, musical performance.

3. Eat lots of plants. Don’t neglect the greens since they’re your main source of minerals!

4. Sleep for god’s sake. Rest is as crucial as weight training and running.

5. Go to a local grocery store beforehand and stock up on water, fruits to eat before and during or after, as desired. Medjool dates are a great choice, and bananas are common as well. Any grocery store with fruits and veggies, especially organic, is any vegan and raw vegan’s best friend. Run that marathon and kick butt!

Anastasia Voss wears a No-Meat Athlete T-shirt

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