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A Raw Food Diet Is Defined by What You Gain, Not Give Up

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Insight From Natural Health Headers - Raw Food and Health by Brian Rossiter - Fruit-Powered

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Sometimes people shake their heads at me with a smile when I eat one of my feasts, be it a monomeal of grapes, mangos or watermelon or a double-bottle pairing of a fruit or green smoothie. It might even be one of my mountain-size salads, covered in one of a slew of dressings I’ve created, which take me a peaceful 45 minutes to send to my belly as my toes curl in delight over a feeling of nourishment and satisfaction.

“No, I honestly don’t miss chicken wings, bacon cheeseburgers, pizza and any other animal, cooked and processed foods,” my face would certainly seem to suggest, especially on a recent sun-splashed day as I enjoyed bite after succulent bite of sweet, tender jackfruit. “I don’t miss them at all.”

Jackfruit cut open against a white background
No animal, cooked or processed food could ever match the joy one experiences while eating a jackfruit!

Sometimes, these head shakes and smiles are genuine and beautiful, usually spurred on by seeing someone enjoy a whole meal of all or mostly fruits or the sheer size of my meals. But sometimes the smiles I see are what could be called defense mechanisms, brought on by folks who cast doubt about the power of raw foods.

All this just to live a few years longer?” some ask.

“I want to live,” some beg to me as the reason for their standard American diet inclinations.

The kicker: “I know someone who lived to her 80s and ate doughnuts, pizza, cheesesteaks and cheesecake!”

I question, “Yes, but is this person the picture of health, living an active life and looking and feeling healthy?”โ€”and am met with silence.

No matter how many times I might impress on folks how much I enjoy feeling lighter, stronger, quicker and faster compared with the “old me,” some are just not ready to accept my words. No matter how many times I rave about enjoying sharp mental clarity and focus plus boundless energy, enabling me to achieve ambitious goals, some are just not ready to accept my words. No matter how many times I declare that I simply gravitate toward eating fruits and vegetables with helpings of nuts and seeds, some are just not ready. On the day we chat, anyway.

Leading a raw food diet is not marked by what you give up. Rather, what defines this lifestyle is what you gain!

A woman playfully eats grapes outdoors

Here’s a Short List of Benefits I’ve Experienced:

  • Exceptional overall health
  • Youthful vitality
  • Euphoric sense of well-being
  • Sustained energy
  • Enhanced mental clarity and ability to focus on tasks
  • A lighter, stronger, quicker and faster body
  • Restful sleep
  • Simple digestion and elimination

Now, I’m happy to have given up hoagies, steaks and pasta if it means almost never getting sick. If it means almost never having a headache. If it means feeling younger by the day!

The raw food movement is growing by the day, and it’s only a matter of time until the whole world knows there’s a better way to eat compared with animal, cooked and processed foods! Enjoy large meals of fruits and salads and keep on being the light for others.

Plant seeds today and then watch them bear fruit!

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