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Arnold's Way Channel video broadcast on CNN in autism-vaccine story

‘Vaccinations Is My Vietnam’

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

It was an early Thursday morning, not quite 7 a.m., and I jumped out of my bed as if balls of fire were running through my blood. I was excited to the point of explosion! I was raring to go! I was “on fire”—every cell in my body was ready. I was ready to grab a pen and start writing. It was as if I was given the football on the 5-yard line and told to run and bring the team to victory. It is with this energy that I begin to write.

I always have goals. I have all kinds of goals—some small like going to work on time, buying groceries and earning enough money to pay my bills. With this particular money, I had my goal. A goal that began 10 days ago, on February 7. It was the day when everything lined up for me to propel me on my quest, an indisputable life mission, to create an energetic movement for the transformation of a disease-free world. I move forward with this mission, sometimes straight forward and other times in a circle, getting caught up in life. This still happens, but on February 1, I got the details loud and clear to forget all these details in life and focus on the big picture.

Screenshot of Jenny McCarthy on CNN in a vaccination story
Arnold Kauffman shared TV time in a story with Jenny McCarthy on vaccinations on CNN on January 23, 2015.

My article begins 10 days from February 1, when I was literally given a movie that I produced on vaccinations and medications. This film is about hope and inspiration. Some featured in the film who believe in life and have the spirit of living in a disease-free world defied the odds by changing their dietary lifestyle. They began to not only rejuvenate but thrive in a world where there was previously no hope. I watched this film, Make an Informed Decision, and was inspired to share. Needless to say, the timing was beyond coincidence, since the previous week my picture popped up on the news next to Jenny McCarthy about vaccination. To add sizzle to the sizzle, the same week, my YouTube channel appeared on TV. My video centered on vaccines. They shared it without my permission. Why was I that much of a celebrity that they used my YouTube channel and video the same week, which was unbelievable!

CNN used one of my videos, a clip from my new documentary in which a woman shares her views on vaccines. My friends, this is no accident. These are major signs of culmination that speak from a higher authority. The topper was my housemate of five months randomly leaving, meaning I had an extra room. Our relationship, besides being friends, was that I would supply room and board in exchange for 25 hours of work a week at my café. This meant on Sunday, February 1, I saw my film for the first time, and coverage on vaccinations was in the national news.

Watch the CNN story “Measles Outbreak Fuels Vaccine Debate”

There was only one blip—not really a major one—I still had to take care of life. I had to run my business, which, literally, is 60 to 80 hours a week, and had to pay my bills. I just finished having one of my worst months in business and was almost $2,000 short. A young man named Phil, one of my customers who was literally on the threshold of death as a young boy from a vaccine, asked me in late January whether I had any rooms available. At the time I said no, but this was prior to February 1, when my housemate said she would move out. Because my business was slow, I told him I would give him room and board in exchange for café and computer work. What I didn’t realize is that Phil, too, is obsessed like I am about stopping vaccinations. Up until Phil did it, no one in Arnold’s Way history had ever, ever volunteered and worked the length of the shift that I work: sunrise to sunset. Every single day.

Phil began February 1, working from 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. Today, February 10, it was nonstop in the café. We are now a team. There are no accidents. I have, by my side, a dynamo of a person who is as obsessed as I am in stopping vaccinations. My energy, which was always supercharged, is now “on fire”!

Phil looks with delight at dates in a large box at Arnold's Way
Phil looks with delight at dates in a large box on February 14, 2015, at Arnold’s Way.

My business has gone up 30 percent since February 1. My workload, which at one time was shaky at best and overloaded at worst, has become more easily handled. I am given what I believe is a sign from a higher authority, and it is with this sign that I say these words: “No Vaccinations in This Country” (NVITC). This is my mantra. I believe in my heart and soul that this will happen. There is no choice. I chose a date—May 15. The vaccine hysteria, dogma and conspiracy will end just like Vietnam, when thousands of young men lost their lives marching to war. No one really knew why, other than they were called to go. They signed up and were drafted by the millions, all going fight for their country to stop the spread of communism. They went to a country that represented not even a threat to this country, and the result was lost lives, sacrifices for a common “good.” Those who survived came back scarred.

Many realized that this war was not just and that and we, as a country, had no purpose being there. The protesting began with college students and then more joined. Soon, there were millions of protesters. The anti-Vietnam protest was so overwhelming that the government had no choice in the matter. The Vietnam war ended. I was there; I recall. I recall signing up. I recall volunteering to fight in Vietnam. I wanted to fight for my country. I recall coming home, walking around in a uniform not as a hero but as an anti-hero, almost like an enemy. I served my country, and many people looked at me discontentedly and were saying to themselves, “How could we lose all those innocent people?” So, I became angry that I was duped. My buddies, who experienced the same thing, and I went from being willing to fight for our country no matter what to protesters to end the war. Our brothers, sisters, family and friends would not have to relive what we went through.

Arnold Kauffman holds stuffed monkeys over a vaccination sign
Arnold Kauffman‘s Facebook page has become a wall of messages about vaccination dangers.

This is my energy on a Thursday morning, and I am driven by my past. I am driven by these words: “Vaccinations Is My Vietnam.” I am driven to spread the word about vaccinations. According to the CDC, every boy born by 2032 and every girl born by 2041 will have some form of autism. I think about my kids. I think about my 11 grandchildren as well. I think about all of the future generations affected, with less than 30 years left to 2041, which is closer than we may think. Time does fly, and the awareness needs to be there before it is too late. I think about the world to come in which every child born has some form of autism. We, as a country, cannot survive with this possibility. It is physically, emotionally and financially impossible. There is no way in hell we can live in a country with children who can never function as adults.

I think about Phil and his obsession and fire. I think about his 10 to 15 hours of service daily. I think about his reward: to live his mission. I see a future of people who are scared to start families. I see the scars—Phil has lived it. He had the MMR vaccine at a young age and almost died. His parents thought he was dead. No, this was the beginning of his internal willpower to survive through the amazement of natural miracles that saved him from death. He carries memories of what the vaccine nearly did to him and has no mercy or sympathy for toxic chemicals. Phil carries this memory as his fire, as his light, as his mission to end vaccinations.

Everything came together February 1. Phil moved in with a purpose. I became really clear on my purpose. Everything spoke clearly to me.

I have an extraordinary movie. I have a café where I showed Phil the work and to stimulate the buzz about the dangers of vaccinations. I am giving away a free meal and green smoothie to all those attend my showing of Make an Informed Decision. I have no choice in the matter and have to inform literally everyone about the dangers of vaccinations.

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