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Arnold Kauffman poses with Jean Campbell at the March 2014 graduation for the 30-Day Raw Challenge at Arnold's Way

Set Goals of Intention—and Other Statements to Live By

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

It was one of those mid-spring night dreams where peacocks walked in total freedom and polar bears knew exactly where to swim. The daily rituals of life as it is, as we see it, slowly began, and I was honored. I was there; I was in full bloom.

I live in a world of obsession, in a world that’s not quite right but, in all honesty, still existing in all its beauty and in openness to be dared change. I am challenged, so I believe. I entered the world of what is and, more important, what can be.

These words began to flow on a Wednesday night at a time when darkness takes over and light shies away. I was in the midst of being myself, speaking on passion, healing and sharing. My thoughts took me to what one has to do to stay healthy and strong. This is what I do; this is my obsession and passion—what keeps me going day after day. For whatever reason, I feel that I have to be the light, the sun, the guidepost for others.

A man's hands cradle the sun in the shape of a heart

This is part of what I do—give classes, workshops, sometimes for free and sometimes for money. There were times when no one showed, and there were times when 10 people showed. I really never knew until the time of the class. It was on such a day of a class that a young woman asked for approval to attend. I was honored and surprised and, at the time, did not realize the immense importance of what I did and its repercussions as if matches were lighted to dry grass and trees, burning a fire that has no boundaries.

The class started. As for all classes at the time, I had no notes, no patterns—no real idea of the flow. I began speaking and hoping and wishing that the words fell in order and that people would not only understand the thought process of how to stay healthy and strong but, most important, to just do. So I spoke to about 10 people, all eager to learn. All were inspired to move up in their physical being. As I spoke, all listened except for one: the young girl who just wrote without stopping. “Why is she writing?” I thought to myself.

Arnold Kauffman talks to a group of women at Arnold's Way in February 2014

What she did was create an outline of every important statement I made and then reviewed each statement. Three months later, she sent me the outline. I was somewhat shocked, somewhat honored, somewhat blessed. Since I received the outline, I have used it over and over in all my classes as a way to inspire others.

I begin with a summary of some of the points in this outline:

  • Set goals of intention. This is my rock. For whatever reason, I am continuously establishing goals daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Days go by, not with just passing time, but like a speeding bullet that knows its mark. This is what keeps me on the edge of exhilarating excitement. Each goal, not matter how small, is still an energy. An energy of positive vibration, positive influence. Every cell, every tissue is dependent on your truth, your decision. I do not stray from my dietary regime, meaning a mostly fruit and veggie lifestyle. I dare not be 100 percent raw, though. In my belief, it’s unnatural being 100 percent in a world that dictates, on so many levels, a toxic environment in our every moment from birth to death. I understand these pressures, being continuously bombarded by the righteousness of others. There is a fine balance of raw vs. cooked, so I listen to my words, my goals and state easy, doable words and goals of intention.
  • Focus on what is working. This statement, though apparently apparent, is not so apparent. We live in a world where our bodies’ language, movement and nuances are not really understood. As I enter my 67th year, my body is my only truth. It is on that note that I have an understanding that everything could be a lie and that the only truth that could be totally believable all the time is my body’s intelligence. So I breathe, listen and focus on what is working not as an accident but as an everyday reality that only our body’s intelligence is the ultimate decision maker to keep everything in working order no matter what.
  • Daily exercise. Do a little out of the comfort zone. This is something I rarely think about—almost like brushing your teeth or just walking up and getting ready for the next moment. I take a moment and think about the past four months, think about setting goals of intention and focusing on what is working, and I suddenly realize I finished running a half-marathon. I set my goal on January 1 and gave myself three-and-a-half months to run it, mot so much for speed or competition. I did it for me as a learning lesson. What I learned was invaluable.
A man runs along a path in woods
Arnold Kauffman ran the length of a half-marathon in April—a goal of intention he set in January.

There are no shortcuts, no hidden tricks to shorten the run. Once you begin and commit to run, there is absolutely no turning back. So it goes with life. We live in a world that once born, there will always be death, so we take each step with confidence and certainty that we are living a gift of joy and love. This was my gift to me. I was running four times a week, beginning with 3 miles in January and succeeding in April with 13.1 miles. Each week I was running, I realized there were no shortcuts. Each week, I realized that practice was the key. I realize that once you make a commitment, that’s it! Your word is your word and, in the end, the only thing you’ve got.

I look at the first three points in the outline—wowie kazowie! It would take me more than 2,000 words to finish. I think about the young girl who religiously took notes, who religiously deciphered my words into 21 short sentences and, what is more intriguing, I never saw the girl again.

  • Energy comes from the body wanting love. Wow. The fourth statement really took me for a loop. I study the words and thought, “What does it really mean?” and “Did I really say it?” So here goes my interpretation: Every moment is a moment of love. Every cell, every tissue, every organ works as a cohesive unit as if one unit. Even though there are thousands—if not millions or trillions of life units. In other words, the body has a supreme understanding and intelligence of how it works. There are no mistakes within this system, meaning that within each of us, there is a truth of being and, at the same time, a lie of being. The body wants to be in a state of perfection of optimum health. In that harmonious thought process, there is only one kind of food that is specifically engineered for the body. That is fruit. On this basis, giving the body what it is designed for brings the energy it needs to function and operate efficiently to be in a state of love.

So I end—although not completely finished with this outline, but enough for this article.

Farewell. Till we meet again.

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