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On Vaccines: ‘Questioning Is Absolutely Necessary’

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It is summer 2015. It is a bright and sunny day out, with clouds above and beauty below. It is on such a day that I have revisited over and over the past 68 years of my life. As time goes by, change happens. Some people who were once friends are no longer around. They are mere memories. Some friendships are strong and memorable, and others are not as strong and memorable. Some people hold on strong to friendships, while others let go. The memories are then, and this is now, the present moment.

It is the present moment in which I take a deep breath and repeat to myself that I am OK. It is at this point where I begin. I speak as a mostly fruitarian vegan and the owner of a raw vegan cafĂŠ who has authored nine books, about 1,200 YouTube videos and more than 200 articles about health and disease.

At the age of 68, I look at what is important in my life and what is not. I have learned that working to hoard money, where it affects thoughts and actions, only benefiting you in a relationship without thought or regard to others is an idea that is make-believe and self-created. At any moment, that idea can fail and fall away—and be seen in a different perspective as perhaps not the greatest idea one could have.

Watch Arnold Kauffman Interview Two Mothers on Vaccine Choices

These are my words and thoughts about SB277, a bill that passed in California. The bill does not allow for exemptions to vaccination requirements for school entry, except for documentation of a medical condition.

So, my friends, this is what I think: Vaccines are a $40 billion business, and pharmaceutical companies have a lot of resources, wealth and influence in sharing the “validity” of vaccines. The power of the pharmaceutical industry is so strong, overpowering and uncontested that most accept themselves and their son’s and/or daughter’s being injected with ingredients of heavy metals, numerous chemicals and other foreign materials. These ingredients are known to be the ingredients of modern-day vaccines. Yes, modern day!

Cover of Vibrance magazine issue No. 11

Read Brian Rossiter‘s story for Vibrance 11 about the nation’s skyrocketing autism spectrum disorder rates.

My friends, this is where the power of money comes into play. The infrastructure of a good amount of society supports the myths that vaccine supporters promote. Medical schools are supported, in some form, by the pharmaceutical industry. Lawmakers and these medical schools are under the same influence, where everybody believes that everything they are told is the truth. If the purpose of the pharmaceutical industry isn’t supported in belief, this translates to questioning the industry’s existence. If these lawmakers didn’t believe in this industry, they would have to explain why this is so, and this is why they don’t doubt the allowance of ingredients found in vaccines.

The pharmaceutical industry is supported by those who are in the education system, which trains future employees of this industry, lawmakers, scientists doing research, manufacturing employees, corporate executives and countless other professions. The general public isn’t informed about all the details connected to vaccines, yet the big wheel continues to roll. Money is being made, and the focus isn’t really on how this money is made, just the simple fact that it’s made. Mothers, who question what ingredients are being injected through vaccinations into their sons and/or daughters, are the last hope.

Small boy kissing belly of his pregnant mother outdoors

Questioning is absolutely necessary, despite mothers’ being told by the general public that the ingredients are “safe” in vaccines. The pharmaceutical industry is making very large profits from an inefficient system of information sharing, where the general belief doesn’t necessarily line up with fact. Autism spectrum disorder rates continuously increase, as noted by the Centers for Disease Control. At this rate, according to the book Vaccine Epidemic, all male babies will be born with some form of autism by 2032, and all female babies will be born with some form of autism by 2041.

The economic cost for parents raising autistic children is extremely expensive. According to a CDC Web page on autism, the cost is $17,000 to $21,000 more for care costs for a child born with autism than a child without autism. This equates to additional care costs of $306,000 to $378,000 for 18 years of care, assuming proper development. This is a pretty significant amount of added expense, perhaps affordable for wealthier families but not a pleasant financial experience for poorer families, especially with a lack of information concerning the condition of autism. A major issue with this is financial greed. Wealth determines whether a family can afford proper care for an autistic son or daughter.

Data on autism spectrum disorder from the CDC

Being 100 percent vegan, with a focus on mostly fruit consumption, has created a strong passion within me that some may see as fanatical behavior. I believe that what we eat, however, impacts how we feel in a very large way, and it also impacts how we think. What I believe is true is based on my experience as primarily a fruit consumer. I have not only slowed the aging process with my lifestyle choices; I was able to reverse this process. I am an independent thinker. My wisdom guides me along this path we call life. My intuition is from a higher source of energy. My innate intelligence resonates with the natural flow of energy and of life. I, being one person, understand that the way I am is affected by my food choices, energetically speaking.

I, Arnold N. Kauffman, at the age of 68 years of life on this beautiful, vibrant and love-filled planet, am consciously aware that knowing what I am doing is working for me. As I conclude this article, I continue to live my life in the most natural way possible.

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