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Marta Csuka with Arnold Kauffman at Arnold's Way
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Márta Csuka’s ‘Desire to Live’ and Recovery from Brain Cancer

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I must live—I must! I have so much to live for! I love life!

These are the words, written by Márta Csuka, that I am reading on a cold January afternoon at Whole Foods in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. I chose to write this story over going for a walk, relaxing at home or watching a movie. I chose to write about Márta, a woman who I met about 45 days ago. She called me up in desperation, having little hope, and a strong understanding that life is beautiful and the incurable dis-ease that she had was part of her journey toward being a new woman.

Márta was a nanny in New York City, taking care of two children. She was also studying to be an opera singer. She was athletic and conscious of the foods she ate. Márta had it all! She was a woman full of life! She was happy and loved her job. She was prepared for a future in a career as an opera singer. As the river of life flows with the winds that blow, full of challenges along the path, so, too, does life. What happens in this moment may not happen in the next.

Marta Csuka smiles a day after learning she has brain cancer
Demonstrating her indomitable will to live, Márta Csuka smiles brightly a day after receiving a diagnosis of brain cancer.

Márta shared her story with me over the phone, about everything. She told me about the moment when she was in a kitchen, washing dishes and making food. This was not unusual for her. In the midst of washing dishes, she had her first seizure and fell to the floor. She hit her head, began bleeding and went unconscious. The two children she was taking care of came into the kitchen and called 911. Márta was rushed to a hospital. At the hospital, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was scheduled for an immediate operation. Márta was in a state of shock, for she was led to believe that her life was in danger and that without the operation, she could potentially die immediately. Those are the words that I recall her telling me clearly. While on the phone with me, she was holding back tears and repeating to me: “I am a strong woman. I want to live!”

Márta’s strong desire to live had her choose to have the operation a few days later. Márta’s operation was simple: The surgeon made a round disk incision into the middle of her head, leaving her long black hair in place, and carefully removed the tumor. Márta expressed joy for the success of the operation. This was the first test of her underlying strength as a woman who wants to live and loves life.

Marta Csuka with a juice mustache
Márta Csuka shows off her juice mustache!

After the operation, Márta lost her job of 11 years. Her surgeon stated that after the operation, she had to undergo chemotherapy and radiation, otherwise she’d face death in six months. Her voice teacher of four years decided to stop working with Márta. Márta’s dream of becoming an opera singer was shattered. All of her friends and neighbors urged her to undergo the instructions of the medical professionals. Márta refused. All these people abandoned her. Márta knew that deep within, there was a better way to overcome the cancer.

Megan Sherow in a composite photograph
Megan Sherow reversed Stage 3 brain cancer on a low-fat raw food diet.

It was under these circumstances that Márta discovered me. She searched through YouTube videos on healing from brain cancer and discovered my video with Megan Sherow, who also had brain cancer and was given a death sentence after two operations, which should have been enough. They wanted her to have one more operation; however, this additional operation was declared medically impossible, and there was nothing more that could be done.

It was under these circumstances that Megan and her mother found me. I had experience in dealing with all types of cancer, including brain cancer. I shared with them information about changing their lifestyles, including changing what they eat. Megan, just 13 at the time, was not initially happy with my recommended changes. She wanted to live, and just like Márta, had a love for life. What Megan heard, however, resonated with her soul and whole being. She became a raw vegan and fruitarian six months later. This all happened about five years ago, and Megan is thriving after being sent home from a hospital with no chance of living, according to medical professionals.

Márta watched my video with Megan and saw the gleam in Megan’s eyes. She heard the joy in Megan’s voice and realized that there is hope and that she could, too, experience total rejuvenation. She called me. She knew that the imminent death sentence given by the medical professionals is not a guarantee, and that she could overcome. I listened to her words, her passion, her plea for help and, knowing what I know, I trusted that I could help Márta. She had to do only one thing: be under my guidance for one month. She agreed to this over the phone and, within one week, dedicated herself to heal and rejuvenate to be able to live for a long time.

Marta Csuka poses at the Rocky statue
Arnold Kauffman repeatedly mentioned Márta’s drive—or, eye of the tiger—to recover her health during her stay at the Arnold’s Way owner’s house. Here, she poses at the Rocky statue outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky 3 focuses on Rocky Balboa’s regaining the “eye of the tiger.”

Márta began her first day with me eating fruit, and I talked about love and self-love. Every moment is a moment of love. What Márta needed to understand about self-love is that she no longer had incurable brain cancer. She needed to accept the love of life, which protects her at all moments and from anything in harm’s way. Each day that we were together, we went over the rules of living and eating, with a focus on love.

Fruit is optimal to consume every morning, as the body has its own cleansing system—the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is designed to be in a loving state for all the cells. I shared with Márta that healing is more love than food. I shared with her that fruit requires less energy on digestion than conventional foods, which most people eat. When you are getting sufficient calories from your food source with less energy on digestion than conventional foods allow for, the body puts more energy into healing and rejuvenation. The body has the ability to prioritize healing at the top when given the opportunity to distribute energy accordingly. In Márta’s case, post-operation, she required much more sleep, up to 10 to 12 hours a day. This allowed for her nerve energy to be restored and to refuel itself. These are my rules for healing, rejuvenation and an overhaul of her body.

On Márta’s first day with me, she experienced dizziness and was a bit overwhelmed. Yet, she was fully confident that she’d recover. She wanted to live. She loved life and did not want to die. One month later, Márta’s dizziness stopped. She lost 22 pounds and began running again, ready to share her experience with others. I write about love, for Márta made me proud! She followed her truth and found a passion to live each moment with love!

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Arnold Kauffman went raw vegan in 1998 and has owned and operated the raw vegan café Arnold's Way in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia, since 1992. He is the author of several books, including The Way of Arnold. His YouTube channel features hundreds of testimonials of improved health on a raw food diet. Read all Arnold’s Stories from Arnold's Way columns for Fruit-Powered Digest. E-mail Arnold.

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