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Helping a Friend Break Addictions One by One

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Stories from Arnold's Way by Arnold Kauffman - Fruit-Powered Digest

It was one of those quiet afternoons when you don’t even think. Everything was so nonchalant, conspicuous and so darn unreal. It was that kind of day when sitting with a friend, who shall remain nameless, became an insight into the future. What I did was what I didn’t want to do. I looked at my friend not with love or anger; I looked at her with concern. As I looked at her, I didn’t notice her beauty but that her cheeks were discolored—reddish purple. This is where my mind should shut down. I am relaxing, not at work. I am eating lunch. I am not a know-it-all.

So let the fun begin. I look at my attractive friend’s discolored cheeks as a sign of danger, a serious warning sign. This was a sign that something could be potentially seriously wrong. The cheeks represent the lungs, and the color represents a total degeneration of whatever organ it appears on the body. It is with this knowing that I began my conversation.

I was not quite sure of the words and what I should share. I turned my years of experience into a whisper to convince my friend to change everything in her life to bring her better health rather than degeneration, for lack of better terminology.

A woman reaches for a donut while seated

I began my words on a more serious level, without sending off an alarm. I began asking questions, delving into her everyday habits. I started by asking innocently what she eats on a daily basis. She shared that she is a vegetarian yet is addicted to carbohydrates. She eats her carbohydrates in the forms of pastas, breads and donuts. She was having major symptoms of pain and was in need. The past day, she thought about her pain and addiction to these carbohydrates. She thought about what she wanted and what she didn’t want. I thought about what the secret to stop addiction is. When does the addiction stop? What does it take?

I observe her pain and survey my thoughts. I consider my own addictions to potatoes and hummus I see these addictions as doable, or easy to control. I know my boundaries. I don’t see addictions to bread, white rice and pasta, however, as easily controllable. I recall the reactions I had from those foods. I recall the acid those reactions created. Acid is a waste left over that cannot be assimilated. My mind cannot let go of the reaction caused by these food products’ not being assimilated.

We begin Day 2. My friend wants freedom from pain in her hands and feet. She is no longer a carbohydrate addict. The next big obstacle to overcome is her addiction to coffee. In the morning, afternoon and evening, she overloads herself with coffee—and this is an everyday pattern. There’s the coffee and pain in her hand. What will she choose? It was a no-brainer. She slowly gave up coffee without a choice. This is what she needed to do. She went from four cups of coffee a day to half a cup. Her pain was still there, though, and the coffee was clawing at her soul.

A coffee cup with a stop sign in cartoon format

What about others out there who have this pain and are seeking a remedy to heal but don’t actually heal because the pain means: “Pay Attention Important Now.” Pain is the body’s offense mechanism to destroy the toxic waste that is caused by dietary habits. There is a clear misunderstanding, based on what I know, by everyone. I mean everyone has this misunderstanding that, in order to heal, we need an external push to redirect our body’s force to heal them. Many are clueless and don’t understand that our bodies can heal. Many people believe that they have to take a pill or some form of medication when, in fact, the body can heal itself.

I see my friend, feel her pain and support her body’s own healing ability by removing the carbohydrates. She then removed the coffee and, next, her cigarette addiction. This woman is making choices on a continual basis. I look at the average American—whether sitting, standing in line or eating—and realize that we are not all the same and that there is no consciousness that guides our daily dietary habits. We are trained from our beginnings as infants and entertained with pictures and movies all around. The general consensus is that the food “meets criteria.” It continues to be criteria until the day we exit life.

It is only when we reach a critical pain in which we own the challenge for survival, for being in a moment with this pain. This is when one will listen to every word to make the pain go away. It is on this note that my friend began to listen.

Pictured is a cigarette being broken

How about others who don’t have a friend who knows how the body heals itself? Someone who knows that the entertainment aspect of food is not important and that raw fruits and vegetables are very important?

To break the cycle of food addictions, one needs a clear mind. Each decision, each bite and each sip count. During each of these moments, all the cells in our bodies are at work as if depending on the actions for this to happen precisely. Our intelligence is critical in the decisions we make. Our intelligence and actions operate synergistically to be optimum beings. Otherwise, we continue to seek out how to achieve optimal health.

I, Arnold Kauffman, am aware of these facts. I am aware that all thoughts, decisions and actions impact my soul and being. I have no other choice but to live life to my fullest potential. I am mostly fruitarian, meaning I eat mostly fruits. I choose my words, job, friends and home to accommodate my beliefs on what is best for me and my highest truth. Whether I can share these ideals and my lifestyle, I don’t know, yet my cells are working at full capacity to keep me in homeostasis. I work on that level in my everyday lifestyle and for everyone around me as well. I have no other choice in the matter. It’s as if my body depends on me.

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